How do you know what career is right for YOU?

Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 01:56 pm
As you guys probally know....Im trying to make some Major changes within my job to allow for Further education and Just bettering myself and Doing things ive wanted to for a long ass time now...And Im 21 and i dont wanna keep going From looser job to looser job....I wanna be a paramedic....

As a Career.

but isnt a Career something that you do like For the rest of your life?Thats a HUGE commitment! Like marriage or something....So how are you supposed to know When a job can become a Career for you? Is it The pay? The benefits? WHAT your doing? Friendly people? All of the above? Or is it something that you just truely care about?

What if i (for example) Get certified as a paramedic and Actually get a JOB as one but Decide that i HATE it? Its happened to me before in other jobs and its always a Frustrating dissapointment when something ive wanted to do so badly turns out to be crap....What then?

What are you guys careers? What have you always wanted to be? did you do it? Are you happy with it?
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Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 02:35 pm
What country do you live in, mrhunt?
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Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 04:23 pm
United states....hawaii to be exact.

Why do you ask?
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Reply Fri 11 Apr, 2008 04:33 am
Re: How do you know what career is right for YOU?
mrhunt wrote:
... its always a Frustrating dissapointment when something ive wanted to do so badly turns out to be crap....What then?..?

That's very true. However, while you're being educated, you should get a chance to figure some of this out. Paramedics don't just read books; they practice! And, there's adversity in every job, at some point or another. You have to decide what stress works for you, what you're willing to tolerate.

Go in with good motives, too. Becoming a paramedic because you want to help people is fine. Becoming one because you think you're going to save everyone isn't so fine, because there are going to be patients who, despite your best efforts, are going to die.

I work in IT. My job didn't even exist when I was in school. And as for figuring out some things while you're in school, that's advice I wish I had gotten when I was in your position. I went to Law School, it was okay but not spectacular, and to me that should've been a huge red flag that I'd be unhappy practicing law, but I ignored that, and spent 3 years practicing -- and mostly hating -- the law.

I like IT a lot better but there are stresses, usually having more to do with communications or with employment stability than anything else.

Also, be prepared for possible career changes no matter what you study. The world is continually changing and something might open up later that interests you even more. I've done lots of different things in my life and I do not regret that as I think it makes for a more interesting existence. It's amazing that we expect 18- and 21- and 24-year-olds to know what they're going to be doing for the next 50 years, and that they'll be happy at it. Some people are, they get set early and that's that. But the vast majority change. That change is not bad and it's not scary. It's normal.
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Reply Tue 15 Apr, 2008 02:30 pm
I have heard that, these days, a person is likely to have between five and eight "careers" -- job changes from one industry or type of work to another that is completely different.

You need a lifelong willingness to learn new things and an ability to accept change in today's world of work.

Myself, I've been a bartender, office assistant, graphic artist, machine shop worker, marketing researcher, and quality control person in two industries (metal fabrication and printing) -- so far.
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Reply Thu 17 Apr, 2008 02:37 am
Yeah....And thats the thing.....as much as i want to help people and Be A Paramedic i still dont want to be tied down into one specific thing necessarily.

Its kinda a scary thought...theres guys i work with now Who have worked at their current jobs for 15+ Consecutive years....Like.....WOW.you know? I cant stand any job no matter HOW good it is After 1 or 2 years let alone 15...Jesus.
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Reply Thu 17 Apr, 2008 09:46 pm
"What are you guys careers?
I tried to study chemistry in India and engaged in politics to uplift the deprived outcasts.
Worked in Postal Deparment.
I went to australia there I had helped the kangaroos.
I got married to a German friend and worked in almost all branches.

What have you always wanted to be?
A person who oppose the system
did you do it?
Are you happy with it?
Yes. without regret.
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Reply Fri 18 Apr, 2008 08:36 pm
I am a Physician and currently enjoying working Parttime and being Mom fulltime.
There are self assessment programs available that atleast guide you and help you narrow down your choices.
In my Training I was in a leadership position and I was sent to a week long seminar where we learned about different personalities and how people are motivated by different things. I learned things about myself that I did not know about. I thought I was a caring-giving kind of person but I turned out to be a controlling -taking kind. Also I learned that people in my profession were motivated by Money, Power, or knowledge. Mine was knowledge. Knowing these about yourself can help you.
I am myself contemplating a career change when my kids are a little older.
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