2 Promotions at my Job but Im more depressed than ever.Why?

Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 02:45 am
So I Currently work as a Fry cook at a local fish and chips place at night..and in the day time i Work at a condominium down the street from me as a Pool attendant and Also Do Utility which is basicly Just Like a janitor of sorts..

As utility i get paid $14.50 an hour but I still really enjoy the pool because how easy it is (i still get paid $12.50 an hour at the pool) but Recently They've said There moving me to Full time building utility...Now this does solve several problems For Me and I would be making alot more money but for some reason I just hate it. I havnt said that i dislike this to My bosses as im rather submissive and Shy in that aspect but i have asked to go to working 3 days a week there to focus more on Education and a career i want.

At My Fish and chips Night job i was given a promotion to Nighttime manager and a $0.50 An hour raise but I think i dislike the responsibility and the added pressure....and the fun guys i was working with are on different shifts now and things just arnt very fun anymore.....I know work isnt fun but Its just different...I Soon plan to be working there 7 Nights a week.

So ultimately my Plan is to Go Part time at my day job,7 nights a week at my Night Job and begin focusing more on Myslef and education....And if that works out as i hope to i plan to Just Quit my day job and jump to A full time night job to further support my new schedual...

More the question is though That do you think im being stupid being not happy about this situation? by all aspects its Good at both jobs with how things have changed but for me its made it worse,lowered my self esteem even further than it already is and I just feel like such a looser now..all i do is Clean bar-b-q Grills,empty trash and Sweep....And Scoop french Fries at night time......

Do you think its right for me to more focus on my education?
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Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 04:18 am
Of course it is, and the more educated you become, the more you'll probably find these kinds of jobs to be boring.

That's as it should be. When you become educated, you should be doing educated work. You'll get there, and in the meantime you have to feed yourself so you need to work. So hang in there until you're in a position where you can get something better, preferably something where you make enough so that you don't have to work 2 or 3 jobs.

Work, by the way, does not have to stink. You spend a big chunk of your life there so do what you can to make it interesting for yourself or at least to hold down the level of stinkiness.
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Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 04:20 am
Thank you so much...I'll add more to this later as i had more questions of sort but its past midnight here and ive just worked a 14 hour day so im a bit tired.....Night.
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Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 04:52 am

You're a young man. Taking chances is an investment, not foolishness.
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Green Witch
Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 05:33 am
Education is a form of freedom. It makes you more valuable as an employee and thus gives you more options. If you have no skills you get stuck in dead end jobs. The more you are capable of the more people will want you as an employee. You need to also find a balance between time, money and personal fulfillment. Big money doesn't mean big happiness either.
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Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2008 01:49 pm
Well,What i really want to do is be a paramedic....Or at the very least become Certified as one even if i dont get a job as one...

Its just more difficult for me cause i dont even have my Ged and lack all the necessary Pre-Requsites that you would have normally learned in school....but im going to begin Learning On my own and then move into My community colledge where all the necessary courses are taught...I also am gonna be taking a CPR/First aid course Rather soon too hopefully...

For a long time now A Emt/Paramedic is all ive ever wanted to be...I just think that There helping people when they really need it the most and i think thats really important.Is there any Real life Paramedics/Emt's on this board that can voice more about this career field? I dont think it is the best job in the world Or that it even has great pay but its all ive ever wanted to do and its not like becomming a nurse or doctor where you need years of colledge....Its actually not that hard.
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