Are greeks mentioned in the bible?

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High Seas
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Ogionik - you ask (on the previous page, not re-posted because of widening link) >>

...does it say why they hold the jes in detestation?

did they cansider them "barbarians"?

i wish i could read, a really really really thorough damn history of the world.

every book i read says something different, and then they were all from ancient languages (like the bibles) and translated.....

>> and yes, Plutarch does say, as do other Greek and Roman authors. For some reason the Jews were considered uncouth and unclean.

Both Romans and Greeks not only tolerated foreign deities but often adopted them as their own, erecting temples and making sacrifices to them, so the only reason the early Christians were transformed into pet food for lions was their presumed association with jewish deities.

The link posted on the previous page gives a brief overview of this topic.
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