I really love the Persians way of thinking.

Reply Wed 27 Aug, 2003 06:32 pm
Masewi and Mashyoi

In Persian mythology, the first human pair. In the first millennium, according to the Bundahishn, a double plant was produced from the semen of Gaya Maretan. From the ten leaves of this tree came the ten varieties of mythical men -- those of the earth, those of the water, the one-legged, the breast-eared, the breast-eyed, those who have bat wings, the tail, and those with hair on the body. The vegetable then passed into human form as a couple. Because they worshipped Angra Mainyu instead of Ahura Mazda they became the prey of the druj for fifty winters and had no intercourse. After that they had a pair of children which they immediately devoured. Ahura Mazda interfered with this procedure and the pair did not eat the seven pairs of children which followed. Mashya and Mashyoi died when they reached the age of 100. Their children, after a period of fifty years, brought forth the 15 races of mankind.


I thought that was a beautiful tale and was impressed with the creativity and imagination of the Persians to have concocted such a yarn. I strongly suspect the Persians were pot smokers.

I'm glad I could share this story with my fellow A2k'ers.

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Merry Andrew
Reply Wed 27 Aug, 2003 06:57 pm
Why, thank you, Gus, for sharing.

The moving finger writes and, having writ,
moves on.
Not all your piety nor wit can cancel out a line,
Nor all your tears wash out a word of it.

Edward Fitzgerald's rendering of the immortal words of the Persian poet Omar Khyyam.
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Merry Andrew
Reply Thu 28 Aug, 2003 04:22 pm
Why does no one else wish to comment on this delightful Creation Myth?
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Reply Thu 28 Aug, 2003 04:42 pm
Another - Creation Story

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