Woot...Im a manager! I think....

Reply Thu 24 Jan, 2008 02:27 am
Hey,I just wanted to Share my working expierence.....Cause im sorta happy!

I got a second Nighttime Job Working at a local fish and chips Place as a cashier several months back...Its a family run buisness and Soon enough I Found that I was able to move to The Kitchen Making salads...Scooping fries and whatnot....

Now i was Very happy with this because I Have NO kitchen expierence whatsoever and Even in a low end place I was quite flattered...Next Within a month After that they taught me the Deep Fryer And The Grill station's which were actually harder then they looked due to the volume of food that we produce and the lack of fryers we have....

I Should Mention also That Most of the People that get hired there are 15 to 16 year old kids and So they are EXTREMELY Flakey and Quit usually within a month or 2 So the turnover is extremely High But i have fun there and I think the owner has seen that Im a responsible Guy and have potential....

So Now i know all 3 stations and Everything in the place Very well And im Managing 2 nights a week! Im Very excited as its my first time "managing" and its really not much...I do the exact same thing but now i just have to make sure all the Little teenage kids dont **** up but its alright..

but im only getting $8.00 an hour For managing so ive asked for Nine....At my other Job i make $14.50 an hour Plus Full benefits and Free insurance So The 8.00 an hour job isnt that much...but if they dont give me a raise do you think i should look elsewhere with my new found cooking expierence or What?
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Reply Thu 24 Jan, 2008 03:01 am
If this is in Australia I think you are being underpaid.

Check with wageline

\Now before you go off half cocked read the entire document.
Juniors usually get something like 50% of Adult rate

Shop Assistants in charge:
(i) without the duty of buying:
in charge of from nil to four assistants;
in charge of from five to twelve assistants;

Retail Food Employee working singly or in charge of one person
Retail Food Employee in charge of 2 or more persons

If you require assistance with any provisions of this pay scale please call Workplace Infoline on 1300 363 264
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Reply Thu 24 Jan, 2008 05:09 pm
Actually This is in maui....And im No DOUBT being underpaid.

Ive not worked there For as long as some but im being paid the same amount as a girl who knows only one station and is leaving in a month From now....If i dont get More money i'll seriously be pissed.
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Reply Sun 3 Feb, 2008 03:42 am

I definately AM a manager! Its just a little Hole in the wall dump but its really nice the amount of responsibility and Trust that they have given Me...Even When the Other Main manager And Owner are there They just back off most of the time when i come in and let me handle the entire line.....

I also Make 9.00 an hour now and Ive only been there 3 months....the other manager guy's been there and YEAR and he Makes the same amount...

Bottom line? I never thought id be so proud being a Fry Cook but god dammit i am....I started There Thinking of it as just another Looser job i was going to hate and its become this amazing opportunity for me and Has been 1000 times more positive then id of EVER imagined...yay!
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Reply Sun 3 Feb, 2008 03:47 am
chips, grilled fish, ta mate 1/2 dozen scallops. Do you deliver?
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Reply Tue 5 Feb, 2008 02:21 am
Nah.....no deliveries....Sorry!But a 10% Discount If a woman flashes Me! Hahahah....Nah...Free Food all around if that happens!
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Reply Tue 5 Feb, 2008 03:16 am
You must be real busy it took a fair while to take me order. how long till its ready mate? Nother two days?
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Reply Mon 12 May, 2008 06:06 pm
NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!! Out of my kitchen!!!!!
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Reply Mon 12 May, 2008 06:28 pm
Well, minimum wage in Hawaii is $ 7.25/hour - keep that in mind, Mr. Hunt.
Otherwise, congratulations to being a manager.

Our minimum wage (California) is $ 9.00/hour, just to give you some
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Reply Wed 14 May, 2008 02:26 am
Just an update.....

Ive gone To Working 6 to 7 days a week at my night job (i currently make $10.00 an hour an am a manager there )|

And working 3 days a week at my day job (making $14.50 an hour)

Alls going well right now with both.
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