my friend thinks i worship satan, seriously.

Reply Wed 28 Nov, 2007 05:41 am
his cousin was laughing and telling me he though i worshipped "the devil"
and i didnt believe him, i see him today and he is talking about , i **** you not, "hey bobby, do u believe in the masons and whatever?" and i said "yeah" and he says "i dont think i can hang out with someone who worships satan"

first off im athiest/agnostic.

second hes not that bright.

But he didnt ask if i practiced masnonism or whatever, he asked if i believed in them, what an idiot!

But then he starts trying to convert me and ****, im like dude, CHRISTIANS MURDERED MORE THAN NAZIS AND YOU ARE TRYING TO TELL ME ITS BAD I READ ON THINGS LIKE "THE MASONS?" and then coerce me to join your cult?!?!?!

needless to say he is angry. i have no patience for idiots, yes that means people who believe fairy tales, i totally destroyed any notion he had of me being a christian, or even a satan worshipper, but not only that i fear i broke his faith or you know, rocked his foundations.

I asked him what made nazis bad , he said they massacred jews, i informed him they murdered alot more non jews than jews, and if killing innocent people makes a group "evil", then christians are one of the worst!

i told him the truth, religion is a primitive and effective tool to play on fear and keep people in line and is just a for-profit thing. propganda, extra income for decievers and people with no ethics or morals.

this is the truth, and now he is depressed. and i see how religion is the worst plague on humanity up close and personal.

what can i do to give him faith in just being alive without needing a "god", i mean he still talks about religion but after accusing me of worshipping the devil i mean come on, i let loose and broke down every single argument he could bring up. it was sort of sad, i mean his arguments sounded so pathetic, it was like going to the religion forum.

anyways i need advice on how to appraoch religious people when they want to debate things and end up getting mad.
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Reply Wed 28 Nov, 2007 05:55 am
i felt bad, but i mean seriously. he didnt even know what athiest/agnostic meant but he was trying to "preach" or "educate" me on world history.

ok rant mode over i hope he doesnt hate me for destroying him in an actual debate on his religious beliefs, but come on! he said i worshipped satan, it was like "BRO, do you know how offensive that is to me? to imply i would be gullible and retarded enough to fall for any side of the biggest scam in history?" and then he got mad.

lol, "i saw the pentagrams you drew, those are for worshipping satan"

me " yeah i also draw cubes squares spheres cylinders.. does that mean i worship like 9 evil gods?"

i think there is really a war between science and religion, the people running religons dont want their subjects to find out that there are scientific explanations for things and they can think for themselves or someshit, i mean i felt like a witch being accused in new england or something. "pentagrams?" no fuckin duh, i am trying to learn how to do tatoos and the 5 pointed star is an amzing structure in the first place. oh god i think im going to start screening my friends based on if they have religion or not, im tired of the utter stupidity involved with their mindsets.
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kitkat bar
Reply Fri 30 Nov, 2007 03:39 am
Three things

#A. um....what?

Second: I don't think this falls under the category of "relationships and marriage" unless you are married to your friend or his/her cousin who laughed at you.

And Finally, D: WTF is a Manson...and why do you care if someone says you worship the devil? If you don't...then you don't. If you believe that he is an idiot, then there really isn't any use in trying to change their mind about you. Let them think what they want, its what you think that really matters.
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Reply Fri 30 Nov, 2007 12:33 pm
Friendships actually *are* relationships, Kit-Kat.


OGIONIK wrote:
i hope he doesnt hate me for destroying him in an actual debate on his religious beliefs,

OG, I wouldn't worry too much about this guy. I doubt you'll have put a real dent in his faith-- it's just so hard for people to change what they believe. That goes for anyone, because we're all so set in our ways, but especially among the very religious, because they've trained themselves to absolutely, completely believe in something that there's no hard evidence for. They just "feel" that it's true, so logical argumentation rarely really makes an impact. Rather than being depressed that you took apart his arguments, the guy is probably feeling bad for you because he didn't manage to save you and you're still going to hell.

I don't mean this in a disparaging way about religion; I don't consider myself to be an atheist (though I did for about a week a while ago Laughing), and I'm not against believing in some type of higher power, or some deeper meaning to life. I'm just speaking of people who rabidly follow one religion as though there's proof that it's true; you usually can't change the mind of someone like that.
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kitkat bar
Reply Fri 30 Nov, 2007 12:53 pm
cyphercat wrote:
Friendships actually *are* relationships, Kit-Kat.

That is true, I do agree with you. However, In my personal opinion, which of course no one has to take, I feel that his question would better be answered in the religous forum. Not saying that no one in any other forum would be able to give advice or anything, I was just simply stating that he might be able to find someone in a similar situation in the religous forum. No biggy.
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Reply Fri 30 Nov, 2007 04:21 pm
i cant go to the religion forum, its just ridiculous.


i mean its mindblowing. i though his cousin was jokin when he told me, but he was talkin to my supes at work about it!

its not an exact quote but here it goes "so you believe in the ultimate?"

me "ultawho?"

"the architecht"

me "wtf you mean the masons divine architect of the universe? or do i believe in the masons?"


me "im athiest/agnostic"

"so you worship satan? man i cant be down with that"

me "uhh, it means i dont practice religions or believe in invisible friends and fairytales"

"ohh, but yeah yeah its coo its cool"

but on a serious note, i think he has mental problems, lately hes been acting wierd. not just slow as usual.
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