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This is a big decision whether or not to send your child to a public school or a private one, and many factors are involved. For example, it could be very expensive to send you teen to a private school. Depending on how much the school has to offer for your teen, it could cost up to 30,000 dollars a year. This is quite a bit of money and makes you ask questions like, will my child benefit more from a private school than a public one? Is it really worth all the extra money it will cost? Will I really be able to afford to send my child to a private school? These are some good questions, and financially you will have to decide, but to help you understand private schools better, we will give you a few good reasons for choosing a private school.

1. Academically challenged
2. Individual attention
3. Safety
4. Push students for college
5. Discipline

Teens that are challenged academically seem to perform on a higher level than ones who are not. They know that the school has high expectations for them and will put forth more of an effort to provide this. A private school for teens helps to give your child a higher expectation for themselves, and makes them want to do better than they have to, in order to graduate.

Sometimes in a public school teens tend to get pushed back, teacher are so busy trying to meet the states standards that they don’t have time for individual attention for students, so students have to use homework math solver, because they don't know, how to make it on their own. In a private school there are fewer students per class, which means your teen can receive the individual attention they may need to reach their goals.
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