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Fri 17 Mar, 2017 11:41 pm - I didn't mean to intrude.I just happen to like mushrooms. Don't worry - I don't come here very often. おじゃましました. お元気でね。 (view)
Mon 13 Mar, 2017 05:21 am - I thought cremini were different to button mushies which I definitely don't eschew. A day isn't a day if there isn't a mushroom of some kind in it. (Though the worst ones caused... (view)
Sun 12 Mar, 2017 06:04 am - I'm not familiar with the others but shiitake are a staple in my kitchen. I use them in Japanese soups and noodle dishes and all sorts of other things. The dried ones add richness to... (view)
Fri 17 Feb, 2017 05:03 am - white elephant? (view)
Wed 1 Feb, 2017 05:10 am - Possibly... instincts desiccation cuvee assonance (view)
Tue 24 Jan, 2017 04:34 am - Definitely not normal in my family or any other home I've ever stayed in. (view)
Mon 23 Jan, 2017 03:36 pm - The funniest thing I have heard Whet whispered to me in a word Like a shell to my ear That was touching and near and made it all so absurd. I met a man who couldn't talk (view)
Mon 23 Jan, 2017 05:43 am - I chanced on a man so unique Who gave me in French such a pique That my tongue cannot lie and I said he should cry 'pardonnez-moi!' all this week. The funniest thing I have heard (view)
Sun 22 Jan, 2017 06:19 pm - We all want to be the good guy With wise things to say upon high Of much that's zoetic And such stuff noetic We really should give it a try I chanced on a man so unique (view)
Sun 1 Jan, 2017 06:51 am - reader red flag (view)
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