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Wed 18 Oct, 2017 02:00 pm - God learned to count to six; on number seven He rested. (view)
Wed 18 Oct, 2017 01:54 pm - [quote="Robert Gentel"] By setting the bar so incredibly low Trump has had a way of making the previous presidents look positively rosy in comparison. I for one find a lot of my strident... (view)
Wed 18 Oct, 2017 01:44 pm - As a child, only children celebrated Halloween. Today, adults, especially I believe non-married types, use it for a day to be gregareous. I don't think any religious meaning is felt by many.... (view)
Tue 17 Oct, 2017 02:28 pm - [quote="InfraBlue"] The goyim didn't go to the ten commandments and Genesis; the ten commandments and Genesis went to the goyim. Take it up with your proselytizers. [/quote]... (view)
Mon 16 Oct, 2017 02:11 pm - [quote="centrox"] ...On the plus side, as I get older I seem to care less what other people think... [/quote] The inverse is also true, oftentimes, that the older one gets, the less... (view)
Mon 16 Oct, 2017 02:06 pm - Possibly you all will now come to the conclusion to "return" the ten commandments, and Genesis (old testament) to their original authors. Or, is this thread leading up to another effort... (view)
Mon 16 Oct, 2017 02:01 pm - [quote="maxdancona"] ...Intuition is the act of making a decision without facts or reason. This thread is really about science... [/quote] This thread is about evolution's... (view)
Fri 13 Oct, 2017 02:39 pm - The Will To Live by Arnold A. Hutschnecker Was Nixon's personal physician, I think. (view)
Fri 13 Oct, 2017 02:25 pm - [quote="izzythepush"] I don't think evidence of contact with Islamic culture is what stands out, they've already found evidence of that. It's the use of Islamic icons in... (view)
Fri 13 Oct, 2017 02:20 pm - [quote="maxdancona"] Sure.... but explain how what Foofie is calling "intuition" is any different than prejudice. We have brain circuits that cause us to arrive at a decision... (view)
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