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Princess Poopooly - words & music by Harry Owens

Princess Poopooly has plenty papayas
And she loves to give it away
Now all of the neighbors they say
Oh mea oh mya
You really should try a little piece
Of the Princess Poopooly's papaya

Princess Poopooly's not truly unruly
To pass out papayas each day
For all of the neighbors they say
She may give the fruit
But she holds on to the root
And so she has the fruit and the root to boot

One bright Sunday afternoon
It was field day in her papaya groves
But I reached the gate an hour too late
The customers were lined up in droves

So let this be a warning
Go early in the morning
And it is true you'll never rue the day
The Princess Poopooly has plenty papayas
And she love to give it away
I mean papaya
She loves to give it away
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