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Who am I? Well, not typical, that's for sure. Who I am is directly related to how I see things, and right there sets me apart from most others. Others see themselves and others with their eyes. I see me as what that lens is made of..... No, not aqueous humor and tissue and cells and such. At least, not as typically understood. I see the world through a filter of ingredients that I am more aware of, hour by hour. As I change the ingredients, the soup tastes better. But here again, that's a choice Smile
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Fri 7 May, 2021 09:28 pm - For starters (view)
Fri 7 May, 2021 08:01 pm - Ok, so if they are so easy to look up, and it's all real.... Where is YOUR proof? If they are NOT actors, certain ones that keep popping up in different crises, then where is YOUR work to say... (view)
Fri 7 May, 2021 06:20 am - It's rather hard to do this in this type of forum. I can show you plenty of news stories, designed to play on the emotions of the viewers, and not a bit of actual reporting going on. All with... (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 08:42 pm - How about using our own cia and fbi against us? How about every aspect of special ops used in other countries, but used here, against our own, by our own?? No saying all military KNOWINGLY commits... (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 08:39 pm - How about using trauma to force an opinion so it is voted in? How about using mind control tactics to manufacture votes? The list goes on and on and on. (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 07:31 pm - I’m referring to our country btw. In violation of the Nuremberg Code. Weaponizing our own social atmosphere against us. (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 07:25 pm - When a country violates the Nuremberg Code, committing heinous war crimes against its own people, when does it become punishable?? And by who?? When those who are put in place to protect and serve,... (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 07:11 pm - (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 02:02 pm - Ok. First of all, this is only MY "opinion". I cannot call this a "fact" or "truth" without being "fact-checked" on multiple servers, not to mention... (view)
Sat 1 May, 2021 07:05 am - Do you not see? Or are you sent by the enemy to deceive? Next thing u will tell me is that witchcraft and sorcery are not real.... Right?? I mean, our science has "proven" otherwise,... (view)
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