Workable Theory….

Reply Tue 2 Nov, 2021 12:13 pm
Dissolve the other side….

Dissolve the opposition….

Dissolve Opposition itself….

Absolutely nothing but Truth….

It’s a Chosen Experience….

To maintain the two, the knowledge of the Fall, is to perpetually strengthen the idea of hell. Once this Perspective is assured, brimstone is all that can be Experienced.

Knowledge of Evil presents as such. So what was before? Was it not all Perfect? So from whence did Evil come?? There’s no darkness in Light, so I ask, is our so-called knowledge right??

I know that Iniquity runs the current Play, because since Adam we have strengthened this lie of lies. The Belief of lies constitutes the Experience of the same. How many Forms of Evil are there? And how many Generations to gain such Momentum??

My friends, what IS a Generation??

What is it to Generate??

What then is being Generated??

General Electric, generates Energy…. Just saying.

What do we know of Energy? We know it cannot die, but is Transmuted, depending upon Frequency….

How Frequently, is the Frequency, Appearing to Be and Not to Be?? That is a question.

But Truth has no other possibility. Lies do not come from Truth, as darkness does not come from Light. When Jehovah created, He said it was “very good”, which to me says the Water must Reflect the same Image….

And remember, we are taught to pray, “in earth as it is in heaven”.

The Water is to Reflect the Fire.

Ask Narcissus….

Not the flower, but the Man.

But back to our Garden…. Our Master left us a Garden to tend to. Weeding, digging, planting, Watering, Growing….

Why do we keep attending to the lies as though they be Real?? Yes the dissolution is a fire, and yes the Furnace is even Hotter, but George Thorogood clearly asks us….

“Who do you love”?!?!

Yeshua is the Way, the Truth and the Life…. And the Word. Oh, and the Door. The Cross, is the Key, in the Circle, to open the Door.

The Red Door.

Now, what I see here is a Way to Dissolve the Experience of Evil….

And Legally.

Second Esdras appears to say the same as Genesis, when it comes to making fire afraid of Fire. This can only be achieved by making all a Water, as we are taught in the first ten Scriptures of Genesis.
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Reply Tue 2 Nov, 2021 12:16 pm
I'm afraid I don't quite get the point you seem to be trying to make.
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Reply Tue 2 Nov, 2021 12:29 pm
The Red Door.

Got it right here:

Reply Tue 2 Nov, 2021 01:38 pm
Thanks for the explaination.
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Reply Tue 2 Nov, 2021 01:59 pm
This collection of words makes no sense in English. If you’re expecting a reply, you’ll need to do better. Unless your goal is to gather attention for some other reason.
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