Death of a Golem, or the Web of Lies We Call Reality and the Virus That Killed the Internet

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This Fire, lest it should consume its own body the earth, he hath overcast with a thick, oily saltish water, which we call the sea, for sea water, (as we have tried) not to speak of its salt, is full of a sulphureous volatile fatness, which doth not quench fire like the common water, but feeds it.
} -- Eugenius Philolethes


“In the beginning, God looked out OVER the Waters…. and SAID….”


Fire, Air and Water, as a Matter of Truth.

This Fire-Air-Water combo then created Light…. being an extension of Truth, a Growth, a Birth, a Genesis.

Then came the Earth. The Manifestation of Truth, the Experience of Truth.

“God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all”.

But, we are told of a false light….

Which plainly states that this “false” light, is not!

There is no “falsity”, no “darkness”, in the Truth, the True Light.

So the Experience of anything in opposition to the Truth, is clearly a lie….. Now we have hit a Philosophical nerve…. How can it be that we Experience anything that “is not”??

The answer is given in the very question. “Is not”, is the giving of Life to Death.

“Is” (Being) vs “Not” (non-being, or no thing at all)

But, when we make the claim of Experiencing that which “is not”, we have given life, our life, to death. AND…. “Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied”. — Proverbs 27:20 KJV

Therefore, we have given life to a monstrous demon.

A golem of sorts.

Any lie we believe is therefore a golem. The old Jewish stories about the golem, say the same thing as the proverb.

Therefore we have no excuse....

But this golem demands to be fed, and thus presents as a fire. A fire that we are to make afraid of Fire!
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Reply Sun 11 Jul, 2021 06:37 am
In the beginning there was NO AIR. There were gases, dangerous gases, Theyd kill all the other stuff you believe was around.

Reply Sun 11 Jul, 2021 06:52 pm
lol... why do you come into these threads? They are so far below your intelligence. Are you just bored?
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