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Hi:) New to all this so please just bare with me until i get the time to put something here k Smile

D.O.B: 20/12/88
Ethnicity: German/Tahitian,Cook <My father is German and Mother Tahitian Cook, but im raised on my mothers side Very Happy
Occupation: Student/volunteer library/Rest home
Likes: Archaeology,Ancient History/Civilizations,Philosophy,Travel,Playing Basketball,Reading,Chess,FOOD!!! have to ask for more Wink MEOW hahahahaha jkes lmao
Love:Family/friends(i have a huge family),Archaeology,Ancient History/Civilizations,Philosophy,Travel, kick boxing(i was raised with a lot of my boy cousins, they initiated me into the group of becoming a man by eating snails, fighting other boys at the park,climbing trees,locked under the house with some know just roughing it out as little boys do(most of this was 7 up to NOW hahahahaha kidding)Very HappyD...all the above Wink
Dislikes:Fake people, Cruel assholes(they all need a good hook to the face),liars,Bitches that believe the world is against them and always make it about "ME ME ME ME FUCKING ME" smh everyone has those people in their lives...Abusers to children <===now these people we need to burn, Cheaters...why the hell would anyone want to go through all that emotional drama??? honestly if you want to cheat, dump you're partner and then go on that fucking spree idiot...etc...
Motto to life: ONE TEQUILA...TWO TEQUILA...THREE TEQUILA...FFFFFLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!!!!! heheheheheh jkes jkes...four doesn't do shit to me Razz
Sexiest part of body: me ;P
Least Sexiest: I really really hate my feet hahahaha when i see other girls out in sandels with pretty feet that i want...i purposely (and make it look accidental) make sure i stomp on them! :DDDD Kidding hahahahaha

Want to hear me sing? lol just a dedication to my Ancient ruins lol You can see some of my other dedications as well. Smile
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