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Fri 12 Jul, 2019 06:20 pm - I have just been to Albania, Nicaragua and Colombia and found all people we met to be sooooo nice - walking us to the restaurant or bus stop, offering to drive us places, cooking us food, sharing... (view)
Thu 20 Jun, 2019 02:52 pm - Been doing a lot of travelling the past few years - Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Jamaica, etc... fun! (view)
Thu 20 Jun, 2019 02:49 pm - Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, obviously. (view)
Thu 20 Jun, 2019 02:48 pm - ha ha ha - to your second sentence :) It's been so long since I've been here that I truly don't remember. (view)
Wed 19 Jun, 2019 07:11 pm - i just won't believe if you guys elect him again... what he's done to the usa-canada relationship is unreal i don't even want to put a toe in the usa anymore (view)
Wed 19 Jun, 2019 03:52 pm - He's such a narcissistic loser! He doesn't even know what 'ally' means. (view)
Wed 19 Jun, 2019 03:50 pm - Love you, too. Been on FB, but recently cancelled that. How the heck are you? (view)
Wed 19 Jun, 2019 03:49 pm - LOL Raptors! (view)
Wed 19 Jun, 2019 03:45 pm - I'm placing plastic containers in my car today for when I go to the grocery store. Do you know that here in Calgary they have bin police who can look in your bins and fine you if you have... (view)
Wed 19 Jun, 2019 03:37 pm - I've actually never agreed with you much in the past, but I certainly do on this issue. Yes, there are thefts and scams out there, and I've been a subject of several of those (bank,... (view)
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