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Hello everyone,

My name is Thomas, I’m currently 27 years old, and I'm enlisted in the US Air Force as a AFN (American Forces Network) Broadcaster. With little college education, most of what I know I've learned through my life's experiences and my exceptional family and friends. I’ve always made it a precedence of mine to envelop myself with people with an endeavor for brilliance, hoping it will rub off on me. I’ve always loved to converse on the taboos of the world, the more controversial the topic the more engaged I like to get. The “devil’s advocate” would undeniably be one of many words I would use to depict myself, arguing either side of any given topic. Regrettably, my spelling is atrocious but thankfully my grasp of an extensive vocabulary isn’t. Philosophy, religion, and psychology being my favorite topics, I try not to affront others as best I can, unfortunately not always successfully. Feel free to ask me anything, I’ve always felt nothing should be left off the table, with the exception being ignorance.

“There is no such thing as good or evil, only a difference in opinion.”

What i imagine when someone refers to "the last supper"
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