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Born and raised in Kentucky, I spent the next eighteen years developing a reputation as a quality builder in the Bowling Green area. I love to share what I learn and help my fellow contractor.
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Wed 22 Sep, 2021 02:10 am - Yes, it's black mold growing on the wood. I would apply bleach, and commercial fungi removal on Lowes, then scrub the affected areas. Finally, sand the wood and let it dry. (view)
Tue 24 Aug, 2021 03:10 am - I suggest you go for berber carpets. It’s a good material for high-traffic areas, especially the living room, and lasts longer than most carpets. (view)
Tue 24 Aug, 2021 03:02 am - Those small white spots may be white moulds. You can bleach wash the affected areas, let it dry and and use an anti fungal spray. (view)
Tue 10 Aug, 2021 02:28 am - This might be a little late, but I suggest you read the NYC DOH guidelines for mold remediation. It would definitely be useful in your current situation. (view)
Mon 26 Jul, 2021 02:25 am - You can add non-slippery deck treads to your wooden steps. It's a quick way of fixing your problem. (view)
Wed 30 Jun, 2021 01:47 am - I would rather go for tankless water heaters. Although gas is more energy-efficient than tankless, tankless is easier to maintain and has a 5-6 GPM, which saves me a lot of money compared to my old... (view)
Tue 4 May, 2021 02:40 am - Exactly! You don't always have the tools/materials to work on DIY projects. Also, it's very easy to overspend on spare parts or materials when you have no idea how much they really cost. (view)
Sun 2 May, 2021 11:43 pm - I'd rather hire someone to do it for me :) many times I tried DIY but instead of fixing, I just made the situation worse. Not unless if I'm a 100% sure about fixing it. (view)
Wed 28 Apr, 2021 02:10 am - Yes, even if they don't appear to have any sign of physical changes, throw them away. Also, nice name, Daedric God of Madness. :D (view)
Tue 20 Apr, 2021 11:42 pm - Welp, from the looks of it, it's dead before it even started. They got boycotted so hard. All the English clubs withdrew already. (view)
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