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Thu 1 Mar, 2018 08:28 am - Prior to a few weeks ago, I lived a life of laziness and pizza. I've been doing pretty well so far (lost 17 lbs) but I've pretty much just been stretching and walking/jogging around a lot... (view)
Wed 10 Jan, 2018 07:12 am - So before I start, I know what I did was wrong and dumb. It was a thoughtless act in a desperate situation that I'm sure as heck not gonna do again, ha. So anyway, I was driving behind a... (view)
Mon 11 Dec, 2017 12:32 pm - Thank you for your response. I know you've good intentions, but I don't think victims should be pressured into talking about their trauma when they're not ready to, especially when... (view)
Mon 11 Dec, 2017 10:15 am - So, to start, I was on birth control throughout middle/high school because my mom made me. Fastfoward to present day, I stopped taking birth control for a couple months because, in the decade that... (view)
Fri 8 Dec, 2017 09:11 am - That sounds like a very unhappy relationship that both of them are just settling for because they don't have enough self-esteem to get their acts together. Also, the guy is obviously a... (view)
Wed 6 Dec, 2017 12:17 pm - You're right, many American's do generalize people and judge them accordingly (exactly like you're doing with this post right now, ironically), but this seems to be a human trait... (view)
Wed 6 Dec, 2017 10:43 am - Message her! There's nothing wrong with messaging her, especially since you're already friends. If she doesn't want to message with you, then she wont reply or she'll ask you to... (view)
Wed 6 Dec, 2017 10:21 am - I feel like people have a tendency to miss the actual meaning of the idea of the IQ in modern psychology. It doesn't help that the name "intelligence quotient" is also super... (view)
Wed 6 Dec, 2017 09:49 am - As others have mentioned, the end of the "honeymoon phase" is definitely hard on couples; it's what weeds out the genuine couples from the flings. However, I'm not sure this is... (view)
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