Is it good to mesaage your crush randomly?

Reply Wed 6 Dec, 2017 10:39 am

Hi. I asked almost a month ago about what was the best way to get a girlfriend in college, especially since I find it hard to socialize because of my autism. Since then, I have had some conversations with her over the past couple of weeks, however, they didn't last too long, but long enough. However, sometimes, most notably recently, I've came up to this girl and I just said hi, and did not know what I would say because I can get quite shy. Sadly, it's not like she's in college everyday either (I go every Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, while she goes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), and a lot of the time I'm busy doing work, and at times when I want to come up to her, I just hesitate.

I'm thinking about maybe messaging the girl on the Facebook Messenger app, since we are friends on Facebook itself. I'm just wondering if that's okay, because I'm worrying that randomly messaging her will creep her out. Plus, I haven't yet told her about my disability, so she doesn't even know about my social problems.

If it's okay for me to send a message to her, how can I start?
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Message her! There's nothing wrong with messaging her, especially since you're already friends. If she doesn't want to message with you, then she wont reply or she'll ask you to stop, simple as that. Try not to worry about it too much, though. Just be yourself, social awkwardness and all. If you two click well, then great! If not, then at least you know and you can move on.
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Reply Thu 7 Dec, 2017 06:39 am
Other than telling her you are shy, there's no reason why you need to tell her anything about your health issues.
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