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Here on the high desert of New Mexico, we have a particular interest in the environment, the climate, and all the theories affecting life as we know it and most of us try to be good stewards of it.

I am fascinated by all things involving the earth and the creatures that live on it as well as religion, politics, history, philosphy, and the study of temperament and human thought.

It is my fervent belief that animals and children are God's gifts to normalize an otherwise confused and confusing existance.

Fate has allowed me to live many interesting places, meet many interesting people, and explore how to make a living doing many different things.

Did I mention I love to debate and argue for fun? But the operative word here is 'fun' as in not offensive, not hateful, not judgmental, not unpleasant. Life is too short and time too limited to clutter it up with those who think it is 'fun' to be unkind to others. Your understanding is appreciated if I choose not to engage in that kind of activity.

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