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Wed 30 Aug, 2023 09:33 pm - If you are worried he will leave you if you don't submit to all his demands then that in itself is a red flag. (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 10:54 pm - She might need help but she needs to be polite and ask in a peaceful manner. (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 10:30 pm - What are the signs or early signs of dementia? (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2023 09:53 pm - I was thinking of posting a fan fiction story roughly based on the original 1989 animated version of The Little Mermaid. Not for any sort of profit or gain but simply for the sake of having fun... (view)
Fri 16 Sep, 2022 01:46 pm - At the end of the day you can't confirm she officially cheated without any proof. If you are suspicious download spying apps or install cameras and other recording devices. Either way I... (view)
Fri 3 Jun, 2022 12:17 am - Thanks, another thing I was thinking about was maybe just giving the character his own reasons for making up that particular word....which by pure coincidence just happened to appear in the online... (view)
Thu 2 Jun, 2022 11:48 pm - My only other suggestion is to maybe visit a sex shop with your gf and ask the clerk if there are any products that help with this sort of issue. Make this into a fun game. Maybe she just needs... (view)
Thu 2 Jun, 2022 11:08 pm - I am honestly very surprised by this because most men would love this sort of thing...I mean, do you think it's nervousness or having a hard time relaxing? Maybe talk to some male friends of... (view)
Thu 2 Jun, 2022 09:12 pm - I have a title for a book I have in mind which I really like. The dilemma I am having is that the title is based off of a slang term that was not coined until recently and my story is set in the... (view)
Sun 22 May, 2022 06:40 pm - I'm guessing that there is a need to challenge the stigmas society tends to have against mental health. They are probably trying to spread awareness. (view)
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