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Fri 22 Mar, 2019 06:36 pm - I won't be able to participate in the draft. At the time, I'll be attending the inaugural game at the new Mexico City baseball stadium. Good luck to us all! (view)
Mon 18 Mar, 2019 09:02 pm - It's been over 2 years! Time to revive the thread with (mostly) new presidents and their approval rates: Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico) 67% Martin Vizcarra... (view)
Tue 5 Mar, 2019 06:29 pm - Great! (view)
Mon 4 Mar, 2019 10:58 am - Are we playing this year? (view)
Thu 21 Feb, 2019 10:53 pm - I agree with you, tsarstepan. The film starts very well, but then becomes flat, and you don’t feel involved anymore. (view)
Sun 3 Feb, 2019 04:03 pm - When will Americans learn that, in Spanish speaking countries, people have two last names, and are usually known for their FIRST last name? So, it’s General Yañez, not... (view)
Fri 25 Jan, 2019 07:52 pm - I agree with these tweets by Bernie Sanders: "The Maduro government has waged a violent crackdown on Venezuelan civil society, violated the constitution by dissolving the National Assembly... (view)
Tue 22 Jan, 2019 07:00 pm - Just learned that Marina De Tavira (Oscar nominee for supporting actress, for [i]Roma[/i]) is the daughter of Luis De Tavira, a well known playwriter and theatrical director in Mexico. Now some... (view)
Mon 14 Jan, 2019 07:28 pm - You got me wrong, George, I nailed 3 out of 4. [quote="fbaezer"] Chiefs Chargers Saints Rams Chiefs Saints Saints 40-28 [/quote] (view)
Mon 7 Jan, 2019 01:04 pm - Chiefs Chargers Saints Rams Chiefs Saints Saints 40-28 (view)
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