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Wed 15 Jul, 2020 12:43 am - more blahblah. (view)
Wed 15 Jul, 2020 12:35 am - I'll be glad to continue doing it, thank you. (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 08:46 pm - a concentrated solution of sulfuric acid, maybe. (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 08:42 pm - Migod, the whole family is stark staring bonkers (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 08:41 pm - we know he's a blinding bigot racist. The question is, do we let his idiocy go unanswered. I think it's incumbent on someone to point out the lunacy. You're more inclined to... (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 08:34 pm - It is racist to posit that is what they aim to do. You would have fit right in with all the other night riders in their white sheets and white hoods. (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 08:26 pm - That is eerily and disgustingly reminiscent of the slaveholder, the KuKluxer, the Jim Crow, and the segregationist claims that ravening hordes of black people were intent on murdering, raping, and... (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 07:29 pm - fuck off. His post 7037300 about rhree posts ago, above. as well as several others of his posts above all equally offensive and racist. (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 07:24 pm - oralloy says: [quote] Joe Biden means to allow black people to rape and murder white people with impunity if he is elected. [/quote] and oralloy continues to deny he's racist. (view)
Tue 14 Jul, 2020 11:44 am - flatly false. we back them up, you deny it and repeat your nonsense. (view)
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