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Thu 23 Aug, 2018 04:42 pm - Your quote: And yet they happily accept the word of physicists... Yup I do get that impression from such atheists, they're very physical and materialistic, as if they're God themselves... (view)
Wed 22 Aug, 2018 04:54 pm - Those damn young bucks ay Leadfoot! always tryna pull those wise cracks on you, But I do find it ironic though that if you say an Intelligent Designer to an atheist, their minds will... (view)
Tue 21 Aug, 2018 08:08 am - And to make things worse, the fake self-proclaimed apostle Pauline goes and says that "all scripture is God breathed" and all these idiots of today believe him as though Lord Jesus is his... (view)
Mon 20 Aug, 2018 07:19 pm - I guess you maybe be referring to some type of CPU or brain station that memory-stores and processes all these bio-chemicals? (view)
Sat 18 Aug, 2018 05:42 pm - Your Quote: The mistake I would not make is thinking the gift wrapped packages assembled themselves. I do not have the kind of blind faith required to believe that. That is the best example of... (view)
Fri 17 Aug, 2018 08:23 pm - Yup, not to mention the amino acids for protein in dna assenbled by rna. I think evolution and innovation of technology whether organic or inorganic, goes hand in hand. Someone invents a wheel,... (view)
Fri 17 Aug, 2018 05:58 pm - The IDers don't seem to deny medical science, thats not in the bible. But I suppose if the bible had the words, "Then God created life to evolve into many forms" then maybe... (view)
Fri 17 Aug, 2018 01:39 am - I was thinking that the mass decline of rainforests around the world in the last 100yrs or so up to now, has been one of the main triggers for global warming, since they are our main filters for... (view)
Wed 15 Aug, 2018 09:17 pm - I don't care about the skeptics theories on whether Lord Jesus existed or not, or whether he's just a fairy-tale. They'd have to acquire a time-machine to prove their 2, 000 or so... (view)
Wed 15 Aug, 2018 06:12 am - You address and talk about Lord Jesus as if hes your equal, thats like addressing your parents by their first names, you really are strange. Just because Lord Jesus talks about the ten commandments... (view)
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