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What is Depo-Provera?
Depo-Provera is a hormone (progestin) that is injected by a health care professional into the woman's buttocks or arm muscle every three months (pregnancy prevention begins 24 hours after injection).

How does it work?

Depo-Provera prevents pregnancy in three ways:

* It inhibits ovulation.
* It changes the cervical mucus to help prevent sperm from reaching the egg.
* It changes the uterine lining to prevent the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.

Does it protect against STIs?


Does it protect against pregnancy?


What are the chances of getting pregnant while using Depo-Provera?

* Typical use: 0.3%

* Perfect use: 0.3%

Advantages to using Depo-Provera?

* Has a similar effect to the pill and mini pill, but requires less effort. The female does not have to remember to take daily pills; she simply has to visit her health care provider every three months to receive the injection.

* Can be used by women who cannot take estrogen or who require medication for seizures

* Reduces menstrual cramps and anemia

* Helps prevent serious health risks such as endometrial cancer and ovarian cysts

Disadvantages to using Depo-Provera?

* The most common side effect is irregular bleeding in 70% of women in the first year, and in 10% of women thereafter. Absence of bleeding is common in 80% of women after two years.

* The less common side effects include:

o Increased appetite and weight gain

o Headaches

o Sore breasts

o Nausea

o Nervousness

o Dizziness

o Skin rashes or spotty darkening of the skin

o Hair loss or increased hair on face or body

o Increased or decreased sexual desire

o Vaginal dryness

o Bone loss if Deppo-Provera is started at a young age and is used more than 2-5 years. This bone loss is reversible if Depo-Provera is stopped.
o With Depo-Provera, it is not possible to stop the side effects until the shot wears, off which may take 12 to 14 weeks.

o If pregnancy is desired, it takes 12 to 18 weeks to get pregnant after the last shot is taken.

o In the rare case that pregnancy occurs during the use of Depo-Provera, there is an increased chance that the pregnancy will be ectopic.
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Reply Fri 2 Jun, 2006 11:53 am
I tried the shot because my period wasn't regular and when I would get it, it was very heavy and I was in a lot of pain.

My doctor suggested I should go on the shot to regulate my period.

Worse mistake of my life.

Now I have had my period from September to now (June), and I don't see an end in sight.

After the first shot the doc. said it may take a few shots before my period stops, so I tried it one more time and then stopped when my period continued.

So now 10 months later with a regular period, I am really fed up. I'm going on the bill next week, hopefully this will stop it.

When I was on the shot I was VERY emotional and did see a minor weight gain.

This may work for some, but I do not recommend it!
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Reply Wed 7 Jun, 2006 12:31 pm
New at this
I just started the deprovera shot three weeks ago and I was wondering if it works while your on you period because I recently started my period seven days ago? Its really heavy and has yet to ease up. I was wondering if this is normal? I am still new to this whole thing. I was also wondering how long it takes to get into the system?
Thanks much
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Reply Wed 7 Jun, 2006 12:41 pm
Yes. Everyone is different as far as how long it takes for your period to ease up or disappear completely. It took a few months before mine disappeared.

IMHO, this is not the board to go to for advice on this effective and popular method of birth control. MOST of the posters did a search on google for "deprovera nightmares/big mistake" (things of that nature) because they wanted to relate to those who had a bad experience. MOST people do not have any problems on this shot. Find a board that supports this or a faq/Q&A on deprovera on a medical board.

Of course, we'd love to have the people on this thread and anyone else who accidentally found this forum to stay... just re-iterating again... and again... that this thread won't give you a good idea of what is normal. -my opinion.

I hope those who do have bad side effects are better now and have found a better method to use.
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Reply Wed 7 Jun, 2006 10:52 pm
need info please
hi there

need info
on whant i should next
to cut a long story short
i have problem with my period for about 5 year now
since my last depo needle
i put some weight on while i was on the depo
i wonted to have another child
but i had a problem doing that
i seen a couple of doc and special one
they that i still got syms from be on the depo
5years ago ,
i been bleeding only light for the past 4 months
i whent to doc to today she said go on a dose of the pill
to see if it will make it regular pill is monofeme
and try and lose some weight easyier said then done
and then go of it and then trying have another child
need info on want i should do
or diet help
cheers wesare
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Reply Fri 9 Jun, 2006 11:43 am
I got the shot for the first time exactly 2 weeks ago.
So far I have had no bad side effects.
I have gained about 3lbs, but thats the only problem I had.

I asked my sister first, because she has had the shot too. She only got it once, right after she ad her first son, and said she gained about 40lbs in the first 2 weeks she was on it, but she gains weight much easier than I do, which might have been the problem.
She said that was the only side effect she experienced, and everything else was fine. She stopped having her periods, and a few weeks after being off of it, she got pregnant with er second child.

I should be starting my period within the next week or so, but I'm hoping I wont get it.

If I do start encountering any side effects, I will come back and let you all know. I plan on being on this type of birth control for a while as long as everyting continues to go as it is now.
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Reply Sat 10 Jun, 2006 07:15 pm
My intent in starting this thread has always been to seek others' personal experience with this drug ~ good, bad or indifferent. I believe in researching all information available ~ good, bad or indifferent before making a personal decision.

Always ask your doctor, question him/her relentlessly ~ you are paying for their expertise and deserve their undivided attention. Do not end your appointment until you are satisfied all your questions have been answered to the best of your provider's knowledge.

Further, please check out A2K's disclaimer:

To my knowledge, A2K is still the number one site that comes up during a Google search for this subject. If 'side effects' is added in your search, the first few sites are message boards such as A2K.

I'm thankful to see all the responses as this was a major concern for me a while back. I choose not to continue with this drug because of the common side effects found in 72% of women. I'm happy for the other 28% ~ they have found something that works for them.


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Reply Wed 26 Jul, 2006 05:57 pm
Help with the Shot?
I finished my period about two weeks ago but the only appointment I could get from my doctor for the shot is tommorrow... Then i have to leave the country for a few weeks.... Should I get it tommorrow?? I won't have another chance to get it for about 5 months... Can i get it tommorrow?
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Reply Wed 2 Aug, 2006 09:18 am
Should I consult a Doc?
ABout eight months ago I started to Depo-Vera Shot and just recently I switched to a new shot that they have no it called the Depo-subQ provera104 and during the first month on this new one I was spotting is that normal even though I had been on it shot 7 months prior to that?
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trish the dish
Reply Thu 10 Aug, 2006 09:36 pm
When I first started my Depo shots I had my period a few days after that. It took a while to go away. Now there's slight spotting, usually every 3 months when its almost time for my next shot. So far I've been taking them for about 2 years. It helps not having to remember to take a pill each day. Sadly, didn't help me gain weight. I've always been a petite person, and was hoping the shot would put some more weight on.

Usually I will have my shots in my fatty part of my back, upper hip. One time the nurse gave it to me in the stomach, for reasons unknown. She said there was more fat in my stomach, than on my arm. Which was originally where she was suppose to give it to me. The shot in the stomach caused a scar. I belive she might have injected it in some of the stomach muscle. For a while it caused an indention about 1/4" in diameter. Its faded some but still noticeable if you look directly at it.

Has any one had problems getting pregnant after taking the shot? I heard that it is possible you might not be able to. Does any one have any more info on this??
trish the dish
Reply Thu 10 Aug, 2006 09:38 pm
Re: Should I consult a Doc?
Krys101 wrote:
ABout eight months ago I started to Depo-Vera Shot and just recently I switched to a new shot that they have no it called the Depo-subQ provera104 and during the first month on this new one I was spotting is that normal even though I had been on it shot 7 months prior to that?

When my DR put me on the Depo-subQ, I was also spotting. My doctor told me it was because your body has to get use to the new version of birthcontrol, even though it is till depo-vera. Now I sometimes spot towards the end of the three months.
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Reply Tue 15 Aug, 2006 09:40 am
Depo nightmare
Hello all, I have had the worst experience with this shot. I have used Depo on and off since my mid 20s. Never had a problem except some weight gain and lack of sex drive. Three months ago, I started the shot again.

Depo-subQ provera104 (the subQ stands for subcutaneous which means just under the skin i.e. stomach, versus intramuscular i.e. hip, arm where it use to be given.) is a new version that contains one-third less progestin than the original Depo, so side effects have been drastically reduced. (Ya right. My mood swings are very bad and being that I am bi-polar it's certianly not helping! Though my sex drive has barely decreased, my appetite has increased immensely. I am lethargic and easily go from zero to witch in 5 seconds. I sleep way more then I ever have in the past. With getting 10 hours per night, am tired in the afternoon and feel I need to take a nap.)

You may have irregular periods during the first three to six months of use, and it takes an average of 10 months for your periods to return after your last shot, so this method is not ideal if you want to become pregnant within a year or so after discontinuing use. (I didn't have a period the first three weeks... Then it's been constant brown staining or spotting. No wonder why they say it decreases your sex drive, with that going on you certainly do not want to.)

Weight gain: Women put on an average of 5.5 pounds during the first year of use.

The shot is also associated with bone loss because it shuts down ovulation, resulting in low levels of estrogen, a hormone that protects bone. As a result, the FDA has restricted the use of Depo to no more than two years at a time!! (With me being nearly 40, the last thing I need to have to worry about is more risk of developing osteo. Yes, I was warned about the possible side-effects, yes I read the label and yes I have spoken with my doctor, I am by no means an uninformed person and will research something till I am confident that I have all of the facts.)

While Depro is great for some people, I believe the majority of us need to get off it and stay off it. If it works for you, great! I know it use to work for me with hardly any side effects, but I am telling you the new version is not a good match for me. Mad
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Reply Tue 22 Aug, 2006 01:10 am
I started depovera about 2 weeks ago. I got the shot for my first time..on the day my period had just started. A day later..My period dissapeared. Well..Now I got my period again...i think. Ive been bleeding really heavily for the past 5 hasnt slowed down a bit. when I normally have my period its never this heavy. I have really bad cramps also. I wonder if its a side effect from the depo. I hope it goes away! Is anyone else having this problem?? Shocked
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Reply Wed 20 Sep, 2006 10:35 pm
I was a devoted deprovera patient. I had no period (loved that), but I realized with every new shot, not only was I gaining on average 4lbs per visit (and does it add up), but I also noticed my sex drive went down hill to the point of non-existent. Strangely, I felt a disconnection growing right along with the loss of sex drive.... I didn't care. I was on it (with a 6 mo break) for about 5 years. Never again. I been off of it for about 4 years, and I'm still not back to normal. Closely ask a doctor that specializes in how this hormone treatment affects all aspects of your life before you commit to it.
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Reply Mon 2 Oct, 2006 06:39 pm
Depo for Disabled girl.
My 12 yr old daughter has Pervasive Developmental Disorder/Autism.
Her dr's suggested I put her on Depo after she started her monthly.
I found out, this is just something they do for girls in school, with mental disabilities.
I'm ok with it, but I have questions about it.

Her dr told me the exact same thing you all are discussing.
She has had an increase in appetite, but I've been watching her weight, so she hasn't gained any, yet. (But, this is only the first shot.)
Since her shot, she has been constipated and cries ALL THE DANG TIME! She used to have no problem with her BM's and was a happy kid. She doesn't talk due to her disability other than a few words. "ow, yeah, nuh-huh". When she starts her crying jags, she says "ow" then pats her belly. This is the time of the month she should be menstruating. I can't figure out if she's "cramping", or just constipated again. I've been giving her Midol and Fleet suppositories for now, but she can't live like that all the time.

Is her crying all the time a side-effect of maybe her dose is too high, like would be with BCP? Can her dr "back off" the dose for her next shot? Does it cause constipation or should I be looking for some other cause?
Would this be the "mood swings" you all are discussing?
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Reply Wed 4 Oct, 2006 04:47 pm
please help!Smile
'm glad that I've found this forum because my gyno seems very inexperienced with handling my symptoms. I would really appreciate it if any of you who has had similar symptoms could share some insight.
FYI, I am 23 yrs old, about five pounds overweight but otherwise healthy.

Here's my problem: During the last two years, almost every period, I have become incapacitated. Read- vomitting a good amount of food, having diarhea, suffering hot flashes, feeling as if I have some sort of very painful, sickening blood disease in my uterine area. I have tried not eating the day before my period starts, and that does not help. Regular exercise does not make a significant difference, either. Those symptoms happen during the first two days of my period. I do not suffer from cramps. When I did once suffer from cramps, it was my appendix bursting. During the two days I suffer those symptoms, the only way I stop myself from screaming bloody murder is staying in a warm bathtub, which helps some. I have had to miss Easter brunch with the family, skip studying for a mid-term college exam, and stay at home instead of going on a mini-retreat with friends because of those problems.

Here's the treatment: I was recently on Estrostep birth control to treat those symptoms for three or four months. It hardly helped; I still felt very sick and was incapacitated. The only difference was that in addition to the severe sickness, I felt a sharp pain where my right ovary is, the day or two before my period began. Now, I am on DeproVera. I recieved my first shot Sept. 8th. I am very worried about the mood swings and depression that some of you have complained of, as I think I have a pre-disposition to those. My gyno did not inform me of those when I asked about side effects. So far, I have not had any spotting. My gyno has not done any tests besides an initial pelvic exam. The prescriptions have seemed to be an experiment.

Again, have any of you suffered similar symptoms? How have you coped? My gyno does not seem to have treated anyone with my symptoms, and she does not seem to make much of an effort to find doctors who have successfully treated women with my symptoms or doing other research. I know every woman's body is different, but I would really appreciate reading others' experiences.

Thanks in advance!
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Reply Tue 10 Oct, 2006 04:12 pm
i went on the depo shot in january, doc said that i couldn't get pregnant for 90 days, i conceived my daughter in Febuary. unfortunately, due to depo, my daughter developed a disformation, then passed away at 6 months gestation... then i was left with paying for my little angels funeral... i advise EVERYONE who goes on the shot to also use other forms of protection also... i wouldn't wish what I'm going through on anyone.
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Reply Wed 11 Oct, 2006 02:14 pm
I really dont think that the fact that the girl didnt get married has anything to do with the depo shot. I've been on the depo for 3 years now and i have really loved it. I dont really ever have periods. People like to say that you gain more weight on it but its not true, If you ask a doctor they will tell you as well that any birth control can cause weight gain because its a hormonial medication. I really like the fact of not having periods. There are still times that spot or bleed a little here and there but it is just your body adjusting. The worst thing about it is that im always sore around the area where they give me the shot right after
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Reply Tue 7 Nov, 2006 04:29 pm
Depo and Early Meno
I was on the Depo shot for a little over a year back in 2003 I have been off the shot for almost 3 years now. My periods have returned slowly, I have them about once every three to six months and am now going through early menopause at the age of 30. I am now married and want children with my husband but because of Depo I am unable to do that. The doctors told me that I would be able to have children again once I was off the Depo shot for at least 6 months to a year. It's now going on Three years and I'm still waiting patiently. But since I'm now going through the stages of early menopause that won't happen.
I don't know about anyone else, but I am out raged at the fact that the doctos whom we confided in has put us in this situation with out first explaining the side effects of this drug. We are all guine pigs for the depo. I plan on researching more into this and hopefully getting some legal advice on it as well. If I had known back then that it would cause early menopause and that I would not beable to have children ever again. Then I would have said NO to DEPO!

Just say NO to DEPO!
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Reply Tue 21 Nov, 2006 03:45 am
birth control shot
im just writing to explin the birth control shot. i had the shot when i was eighteen. i am now turning 20 in may. my first thought is if your thinking about taking the shot, be ready for the changes. not all people are the same but the problems ive had are horrible. ive gained about 30 pounds since the shot. and yes not having the period is great but when you do get it, the period cramps you had before seem like heaven compared to the ones i get now. and dont depend on your period to let you know wether or not you may be pregnant because your period will never be the same. for example. before i got the shot, i got regular cramps when it was time for my period but now i get a little bit of blood one day and the rest of my period wont come for about a week after. during that time the cramps hit and boy do they hit. im not discouraging anyone from taking the shot but you may want to be prepared for the changes. buy plenty of advil for those cramps. in my opinion, i wish i never had the shot. try other methods of birth control first. dont be like me.
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