Bush is a loose cannon

Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2006 05:36 pm
c.i. : bush may actually be right ; the democrats may possibly have no solution .
it's somewhat like running a car into the ditch , getting out and telling the the one in the passengerseat : "it was your fault for not keeping me from going into the ditch; you get the car out of the ditch " .

an article in the toronto sunday paper claimed that some democrats hope that their party will not win a majority in both houses because they would be blamed for not being able to fix all the problems quickly .

it happened some years ago in ontario . the provincial liberals were tossed out by the new democratic party .
the NDP had made a lot of promises , but when they formed the government they found a humongous debt that prevented them from carrying out most of their promises .
so we traded the NDP government for a conservative government OUCH !
a reader recently wrote to the local newspaper re. possible taxcuts :
"please , no more tax cuts , i haven't paid for the conservative cuts yet Crying or Very sad !
(the conservative provincial government distributed "taxpayer dididend cheques" - paid for , of course , by the taxpayers ! we are still paying for our own dividends - what a screw up !).
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2006 05:53 pm
With so many governments running amok with huge deficits, it makes one wonder how they manage their own fiscal responsibilities.
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Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2006 06:39 pm
Hey, even Clinton found Belinda interesting. MacKey can't be trusted as he promised the Progressive Conservatives on winning the leadership that there would be no alliance with Reform/Alliance party. Lo and behold he does just exactly that. So much for his promises. Not Prime Minister material, for sure. Break your promise if you must but not at the next sentence.

The point is not to govern but to find the truth behind the Energy meeting Cheney had with oil industry executives and its relevance to the Iraq invasion. Bush still governs but with a check-and-balance Congress to prevent executive excess as W is wont to do.
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detano inipo
Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2006 06:47 pm
MacKay actually gave his word not to join the two parties. Then he broke his word in public.
He ran after Belinda because she is very rich. She dumped him and now he is trying to get even by insulting her.
The 'dog' piddled on him and now he is known as 'the hydrant'.
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