Neverending Rap Battle III

shefki kuqi
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 05:35 am
Ur on
Lets kick it
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big ploppy3
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 05:43 am
yo essay

this is big ploppy on the mic
im up 4

lets blaze

my rhymes are tight
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Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 05:48 am
yo pimponline,blazer and hybrid this shits for you,

mike check

Yo dont think your something your not,
your starting to sound like a scrot,
Shefki, big ploppy and roo,
they make you look like poo,
you think you can spit rhymes,
my 2 year old sister could do better than you bitches,
my rhymes are tight,
just like your mums ****,
if we ever meet you wont be stitting rhymes,
youll be stitting blood,
you little bitch,
holla back so i no what you think about me,

crazy white boy.
big ploppy3
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 05:52 am
yo dawgs

r we tearing this up or not bad boys
cause im waiting

hit me back
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Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 06:26 am
yo blazer
you think you can blaze me up
incase you hadnt noticed
im a lyrical genious
roo might not be able to turn of the light
and his raps might come of flat
but atleast he dont think he is black
what are you chattin bout the cartoon
incase you hadnt noticed
we dont have force field in real life
biatch you cant spit rhymes
all you can spit is saliva
hybrid cant spit **** either
you all think your big and clever
but your nothing but a **** spreader

holla back if you think your good enough

respect to shefki, big ploppy and roo.
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shefki kuqi
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 06:29 am
this is shefki tearing this **** up

Hybrid my openers for u
my lyrics coat urs in poo
ur half the size of mc roo

u might be a veteran spitter,
compared to me ur a veteran shitter
ur fuckin shits a piece of litter

my names kuqi n i play for palace,
here i am slippin u three the posion chalace,
im cummin at u with some big style malace,
ill make u slip n fall onto blazers valace

ur not gangsta
ur nothing but a wanksta

U wanna beef i show how its done, break a few of ur teeth
me n homebois find u in a back alley
stab 1 2 3 leave ur body in a valley

dont mess with ur messin with the king of the streets
u dont come to me, ill come to have a little nibble ur bitches teets

some say im ike a volcano stay dormant for years
the get up spit **** and hav u all in tears

ur on borrowed time

Peace Out
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big ploppy3
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 06:29 am
yo word out to my homefries

im just about ready to throw down

lets beef!!!!!!!!!!

you pimpoline this is for u essay

yo man u say i cant drop
of course i can drop thats why they call me king plop

the next time ill see u you'll be sleepin with the fishes
you can say goodbye to sleepin with ur misses
cause when i put my A.K to ur head you'll be pleading to do my dishes


im tearing it up some call me the iceman
if u want some beef its gonna come at a price man
im gonna get u popped
im gonna get ur heart stopped
so far im unstopped, but man im gonna get u topped


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MC Roo
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 06:31 am
im know to severe quartets with my clever text,leave them ever wrecked
btter yet, have them X'd out like a map to a treasure chest
get off the mic clowns if u mess with me ull fall face down
and right now? your rhymes are 'black & white' like a cow
plus I throat raped ya girl, now her voice more 'Horse' than your friend jerome
fact is ya mums left pussy lip is actually twice the size of the rightside lip
so ya point of view is skewed, cos ya came from a lopsided clit

thats right

.......Key'd This Like Vandalizing Car Doors, I've Settled The Scores......
.......There More To Come.....
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Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 08:50 am
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shefki kuqi
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 10:11 am
ite this shefki

tommorow we will all drop one


Be ready rudebois
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Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2007 02:30 pm
aiiight u guys here we go roo, ploppy, n shequi

ploppy, you talk a lot of trash for a little boy/
saw you runnin' your mouth n' i had to destroy/
claim you bust AK-47's, but my sh!t's on fire/
everybody on this board know youza a liar/
spewin' your "WTF LMFAO", computer nerd talk/
just get down to rhymin', let every hate word stop/
here's a few words of advice, quit actin' hard/
you don't tote guns, just stay on your guard/
rap about your life and what means most/
i understand though, every single teen boasts/
now before you go and think this battle is won/
diss me directly, before you claim you think it's done/
your battle raps are weak, i ain't feelin' your sh!t/
difference between me and you, is my sh!t legit/
problem with this fag, even if i have the battle in the bag/
he'll swear his raps are better n' bitch like he's on the rag/

Sheqi dont even try ta call me out dawg
namin hybrid 1st u just unleashed an outlaw
i dont giv a **** bout yall folks
youzee a weak mc prolly doin this 4 jokes
cuz honestly ur ryhmes arent even close ta mines
dey make me wanna reach n da screen n choke ya lines
now sheqi dont give up keep on tryin
im sure by 2009 youll b ryhmin (sike)

Mc roo now i didnt 4get bout u kid
the only thing is ur juss 2 fuckin stupid
i gotta use small words like u guys, ta diss u
cuz all my stronger ryhmes shouldt b miss used (on u 2)
juss give up roo its not hard 2 beat u
ur ryhmes so old dey like R 2 D 2
Blazer ell run up wit a gun dat shrinks dudes
while ull set there with ur eyes n tissues
cuz ull b cryin while im goin on and on
im freestylin on this forum and i go on and on
i can do it from noon or till the break of dawn
or i can make 8 bars like an octagon

we juss dissin lil kids so im not even tryin ne more dawg
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Reply Thu 8 Mar, 2007 04:56 am
This topic has been locked. Here is the successor topic: http://www.able2know.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=92575

Put your battles there. Do NOT create new rap battle topics outside that one; they will be pulled.
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Reply Sat 15 Nov, 2008 08:00 am
haha yo , chek it
the olni 2 rhymes in ya rap was roo & poo
then u ask us to review
im thinkin mabey a 1 or a 2

"youll be stitting blood?"
what the [email protected]%k did u just say?
cant belive u put ya lyrics on display
"just like your mums ****"?
okay , well i do your mum from the front
side to side
hear the screams , as our bodys collide
funky ass beat thts wat i provide

what i think about you?
think ya shud quit , put the mic down
cause u be rappin like a retartd clown

we can battle on the net
we can battle in a house
ima batter , n u fielding
maybe to top of a building?
2 rappers , 2 nights
hang ya of the edge , fall down 25 flights
these rappers , taking it to a new height
but im the fking king of THIS fkin website

hahahaha .. all good

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Reply Mon 20 Jul, 2009 09:45 pm
yea i can see your back but i wouldn't say better than before they tried to cut u off i wish they tried some more. you cant play no b ball ill knock your poser ass out next time are paths cross in the hall. so if your a brick wall ill leave you crumbling, if this were a fist fight id leave your ass stumbling if this was football your team would be fumbling, i know this rap was late and long over due so move out of they way and make room for my crew.
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Reply Mon 20 Jul, 2009 09:56 pm
yo i can see that your back but i wont say better than before the only way you could beat me is if i was your whore. they tried to cut you off its a shame they didnt do more. and you dont play no b ball ill know your poser ass out next time i see you in the hall. and if your a brick wall ill leave u crumbling, if this were a fist fight id leave u stumbling, if this was a football game your team would be fumbling so speak your ass up all i hear is u mumbling. i know this rap is late and long over due so make way. for you know who
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Reply Wed 30 Sep, 2009 01:56 pm
man boy, pimp u think your fine
you think you have beats on your line
well that ain't true ill let you see
how to rap like a real mc
cause you already got dissed
man you got to be pissed
sitting in front of a mirror all day
practicing rhymes that ain't yours anyway
while your moms being a hoe
shes the best of her kind
shes jerking off twelve dicks at the same time
Just imagine her
rubbing cum in her hair like it's conditioner
your mom loves my dick and that ain't fake
she loves it like the fat kid loves cake
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Reply Sun 27 Jun, 2010 05:56 pm
you aint a man because you roll with a gang of thugs
i bang out slugs, and tie the knot, on these bag of mugs
leave em shot, wrapped in cling, like a bag of drugs
copp there stuff, watch and bling, for a bag of nugs
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Reply Fri 1 Oct, 2010 04:35 pm
now listen in properly to all you bitches blocking me stopping the prodigy from exceeding his prophecy honestly you fools theres no stopping me when i full throttle this odyssey and block you college teen and wannabes with my lyrical lock and key you aint michael so why you physically tryna dinconfigure the cycle you better reconsider your life and who you try hype to im so sharp on the mic that these lyrics will bite you ignite you despite my eyes

URL: http://able2know.org/reply/topic-33349
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