'Most expensive sandwich' on sale

Walter Hinteler
Reply Wed 12 Apr, 2006 06:00 am
A just opened fast food and newspaper shop in the town, I noticed 30 mins ago, sells two sandwiches with coffee as much as you want for $2.20 .
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Reply Wed 12 Apr, 2006 06:35 am

My own estimate is a minimum of £20 (USD 35) for a reasonable bottle of wine in a restaurant...any less and you're taking a chance that it will be disgusting...sometimes I decide to pay twice that for a bottle which I think will complement the food very well (and I'm feeling in the mood, of course).

£10 per glass for wine is quite expensive, even in London. It is often £10 or more for a cocktail, but that demands preparation not just pouring!

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