Please indulge me, I think I may still be 10 yrs. old...

Reply Sat 26 Apr, 2003 07:21 am
you're considering having your very own Eloise!

well, unless yer the Mrs. CavFancier's toyboy - you've still got a bit of errrrrr wiggle room. Good luck with the thinking and the mulling and debating and thanks for the writing sample! I wonder if hamburger and mrs. hamburger have my essay of the same age where i discuss my life's dream to live on Carnaby Street and wear red velvet underwear. YOIKS!
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Reply Sat 26 Apr, 2003 08:13 am
Heh heh, cool!

"I'll dye my petticoats, dye them red,
around the world I'll beg for bread,
until my parents wish me dead,
Suill, suill, suill a grah."

-old Celtic balllad
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Reply Sat 26 Apr, 2003 09:08 am
Re: Please indulge me, I think I may still be 10 yrs. old...
cavfancier wrote:
The USA election came and Jimmy Carter was outvoted. Ronald Reagan was elected. What some people overlook is the zero factor. The zero factor is where any president elected in a year ending in zero has not lasted through his term in office.

Well back to Florida. On the last day there we ate at a Spanish restaurant with live entertainment and excellent food.

I've finished my journey and I have all these pages left. Maybe I can fill them with four letter words. On the other hand...bye!

Thanks for your patience and advice/comments in advance Embarrassed

Funny! Please have children!

Good name... Eloise.
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