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Reply Fri 5 Jun, 2020 08:28 pm
Wearing: black denim, knee length shorts. Snug. White tee, white undershirt. Multi coloured belt.
Hearing: furnace fan
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: light beer on ice. What can I say...we like what we like...
Doing: unwinding
Looking forward to: a good sleep and some motivation. Tomorrow.
Wanting[b/] to settle my brother's affairs.
Reply Sun 7 Jun, 2020 04:54 am
Wearing: underwear
Hearing: washing machine. Dryer. Birdsong
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: coffee with cream
Doing: hanging out, puttering, moving slow
Looking forward to: re-staining the deck. Or rather, looking forward to when it's completed.
Wanting to hug my mom

I couldn't figure out what I did wrong with that weird bit of bolding in the previous post. But, I see it now.
Reply Sun 7 Jun, 2020 07:31 pm

Wearing: Pj bottoms

Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: Water.
Doing: Not much. Just watching anime.
Looking forward to: Don't have any plans other than to walk to Whole Foods Monday after my one hour of online training.

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Reply Sun 7 Jun, 2020 08:22 pm
Wearing: threadbare light grey cotton top
Hearing: Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson, fan on high
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: cold Blue Moon
Doing: laying around pitifully, recuperating from yesterday’s too much hiking and swimming and sunburning, waiting for another night to invariably be responsible for another damn day.
Looking forward to: coming up with yet another crazily fabulous idea to charm/educate my blisteringly brilliant grandbairn. (Taps temple impressively)
Wanting: a mask I can breathe in, explanation by district of wtf school will be like in August, air conditioner wrangler
Reply Sat 4 Jul, 2020 06:54 am
Wearing still in sleeveless night shift
Hearing television news
Eating Toasted, buttered crumpet.
Drinking Nope
Doing This be it. Starting laundry soon.
Looking forward to Starting a few home projects, or more accurately, completing a few home projects. We appear to be stuck in the contemplative stage this week.
Wanting A little more gumption. Feeling Lazy.

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Reply Wed 8 Jul, 2020 03:33 pm
Wearing: clothing
Hearing: rain falling lightly
Eating: potatoes -plain
Drinking: water
Doing: trying not to get bored to tears
Looking forward to: another day
Feeling: slightly concerned over a few things
Wanting: a good night of sleep
Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2020 08:54 am
Wearing: dark blue long sleeve t-shirt with thin hood, red/black checkered jama pants.
Hearing: The Drawfee gang's Scooby-Doo drawing episode
Eating: N/A
Drinking: Harney's and Sons white peach matcha tea.
Looking forward to: A ton of things. Movie theaters reopening for one. The firm where I work to reopen another.
Feeling: A ton of mixed feelings. Insecure while unemployed; silly and amused at the Drawfee YouTube video
Wanting: The COVID pandemic to be over with.
Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2020 08:57 am
wearing: A camo tee shirt n vest. My mask Mrs F made is camo too and I had all kinds of questions about qhwew did I get the cool msk." I married its maker".
I got nothin else.
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Reply Sat 26 Jun, 2021 08:27 pm
Wearing: Light blue t-shirt with a Storm troopers helmet on it, cargo shorts, bare feets.
Hearing: Fyre Festival documentary….rich people being unscrupulous to other rich people.
Eating: Colby Jack cheese cubes and crackers….daughter just came in with some Rotel dip, I partook of that as well….phew….it ain’t easy, being cheesy.
Drinking: Diet cola
Doing: Came here…A2K….because years ago I wrote a piece about the Jim Jones/Guyana massacre and I thought it was here but I can’t seem to find it, I guess it’s out there somewhere in the ether that is the net, perhaps under one of the other names I’ve used…I’ll track it down.
Looking forward to: Climbing into bed, but it’s gonna be a bit.
Reply Sat 26 Jun, 2021 08:35 pm

Wearing: Red gym shorts. C'est tout. It's what I'm wearing to bed in summer.
Hearing: A single fan on low.
Eating: Waiting for a Trader Joes coffee ice cream sammich to warm up/melt a little bit after being removed from the freezer.
Drinking: Nothing but I have a glass of cool tap water by my bed.
Doing: Just got in from a day at Rockaway Peninsula: from Fort Tildon to Rockaway Beach.
Looking forward to: Nature walk on the Palisades/New Jersey side of the Hudson River tomorrow afternoon.
Reply Sun 27 Jun, 2021 05:48 pm

Wearing: One skin-hugging black cotton dress from Old Navy—circa 2016? One silver summer wrist cuff circa before that.
Hearing: Patrick Warburton, narrating the exposition of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events,’ & a fan on low power.
Eating: Digesting a Dragon Roll and a Boston Roll. Drinking beer and water
Drinking: Last 1/4 beer of the week.
Doing: Winding down the week before next week’s training...
Looking forward to: Actual unmolested ‘summer break.’
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Reply Sun 27 Jun, 2021 10:02 pm
wearing: my jammies
hearing: the irritating sound of a fan
eating: couple of hot dogs with red onions and chili
drinking: ice cold water
doing: revising a story
looking forward to: taking a nice shower
feeling: okay
wanting: a restful night
Reply Tue 29 Jun, 2021 09:51 pm
wearing: my nightgown-Still haven't taken off my stockings
hearing: tinnitus inside my head- It's pretty loud tonight
eating: nothing. but I recently finished (too much) Breyer's Black Raspberry with chocolate ice cream .
drinking: Nothing
doing- Attempting to figure why I am fooling around with my computer instead of going to bed.
looking forward to: Sleeping in my zero gravity chair
feeling: Very stressed after a too weird day
wanting: This day to be over, and just a distant memory
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Reply Mon 5 Jul, 2021 04:20 am
wearing: soft cotton, gold grey and white tie-dyed night dress
hearing: son’s loud, sleep-inducing fan on high
eating: no, digesting
drinking: Just got up for 5am water
doing: recalibration from first am wake-up, willing myself to get another hour of cozy sleep before the Boston terrier, still napping under a lump of doggie blankets to my left, pounces on this day.
looking forward to: Having first week of unusual new school year planned
feeling: hopeful, but guarded
wanting: three more hours of dark, comfy rest
Reply Mon 5 Jul, 2021 05:17 am
wearing: long sleeved night shirt, yoga pants, sandals
hearing: bird song
eating: not yet
drinking: coffee with cream
doing: back at home, surveying the back gardens from the deck
feeling: like the ruler of my domain
wanting: nothing big
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Reply Sat 23 Oct, 2021 06:08 pm
wearing: thin cotton faded burgundy dress with big pockets and side-slits
hearing: an actor narrating snips of a novel
eating: long ago
drinking: water
doing: procrastinating sleep
feeling: better than yesterday
wanting: uneventful transition
Reply Sun 24 Oct, 2021 07:02 am
wanting: uneventful transition

That would be OK, but all my heroes went out with a bang.
But I’m getting tired, going peacefully is sounding better all the time.
Reply Sun 24 Oct, 2021 08:41 am
I don’t think we’re talking about the same transition, but I acknowledge what you’re saying.

I’m leaving my career trying not to screw up my life too drastically.

Do something silly or fun and please come back to report.

One of the best things about getting old is how little we worry about what other people think about us.

Your adventure doesn’t necessarily have to involve public nudity, but it would definitely earn you extra stars.😏⭐️
Reply Sun 24 Oct, 2021 08:33 pm
wearing: thin cotton heather dress demoted to nightgown years ago
hearing: faraway breath of cooling unit
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing
doing: procrastinating sleep
feeling: better than yesterday again
wanting: to control thoughts better
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Reply Mon 25 Oct, 2021 12:07 am
Do something silly or fun and please come back to report.

One of the best things about getting old is how little we worry about what other people think about us.

Your adventure doesn’t necessarily have to involve public nudity, but it would definitely earn you extra stars.😏⭐️

Reporting back.

I drove down the runway nude on my Ryker. It was glorious.
At 1:00 AM there wasn’t anybody out to watch so probably no star.

Oh, just remembered! I was flying below the treetops down the Suwannee last week and a pretty girl on a boat mooned me big time. Was that you?

And congrats on leaving your career, that was one of the happiest days of my life. I hope it goes well for you.

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