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wearing: threadbare black Old Navy t-shirt dress, readers, red toenail polish
hearing: Saxons mocking uber-religious King Alfred a la The Last Kingdom.
eating: anticipating my weekly blueberry muffin
drinking: a Trader Joe’s coffee which I (surprisingly) find too dark
doing: sipping coffee that is too dark to avoid the onset big laundry day
looking forward to: Fall excursion to PTown with my daughter (!!!); grandbairn’s 8th clan hoopla.
feeling: gratitude, happy
wanting: more of this peace
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Reply Thu 25 May, 2023 12:21 pm
wearing: Not suited for public Levi jeans as getting jump on holiday weekend and cut lawn
hearing:Dell drive whirl
eating: Hand made nonpareils
doing:Peeking in on my a2k friends
looking forward to: Surf and turf tonight. Ribs and shrimp linguine.
feeling: Sore arms. New 18vlithium battery weed trimmer is very very long and my arms were positioned, weighed down for a hour.
wanting: Time to slow.
Reply Sun 18 Jun, 2023 03:43 pm
wearing: oddish black leggings, pink t under black/white polka dotted top, super weird bzees sandals in red impressionist print
hearing: highway noises on the flixbus to my hometown
eating: nothing. Considering an almond or two
drinking: frozen lemonade from Timmy's
doing:Peeking in on my a2k friends
looking forward to: a quiet evening on the farm with my best friend of 50+ yrs and her husband, who I've known since we were in grade 1, abt 60 yrs ago
feeling: happy that I was able to hit the outdoor pool yesterday! Season's on baby!
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Well, look who dropped in. Very Happy
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Reply Sun 2 Jul, 2023 09:17 pm
OMG, that's where y'all hanging out now.....who knew?

wearing: blue top with white stitching, blue yoga pants, barefoot
hearing: the dog running up and down the stairs trying to get his 10,000 steps in
eating: hummus & crackers
drinking: carrot juice
doing: looking up dessert recipes for 4th of July - my contribution for the party
looking forward to: seeing the full moon tonight (if it's not too overcast)
feeling: exhausted, but content
wanting: a good night's sleep without interruptions
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Reply Mon 3 Jul, 2023 12:25 pm
wearing:Old white 2 sizes too big shirt
hearing:The Colonel Bogey March from The Bridge over the River Kwai (In my head, or sung aloud)
eating: I am going to throw out my days' old chicken, and eat the frozen shrimp
drinking: Canada Dry zero sugar ginger ale
doing: Checking out a2K in order to avoid doing my paper work
looking forward-Reasonable weather
feeling: Considering what is going on in my life, not bad at all.
wanting: To be 35 again
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Reply Wed 3 Jan, 2024 05:37 pm
wearing: tie-dyed sleep dress, turquoise hoodie, super thick socks
hearing: distant traffic, sporadic churn of some defeated electrical thing in my building.
eating: Hour 4 of 24 hour fast
drinking: Just had the freshest, coldest water 💦
doing: Cuddled up in bed under comforter and weighted blanket (so fantastic), settling in for a long winter’s nap.
looking forward to: Hanging out with my sister
feeling: All my sore parts from strenuous hike have stopped yelling, so very cozy. Extended pervasive nagging sadness
wanting: people to administrate the world and countries for the benefit of the world and its inhabitants
Reply Thu 4 Jan, 2024 05:50 am
Lash wrote:

wanting: people to administrate the world and countries for the benefit of the world and its inhabitants

Yesterday on Radio 4's Woman's Hour there was a lady promoting "wellness*" education.

Basically teaching kids self esteem and tolerance. This has to be done with infants, when the brain is developing, and according to trials in Manchester the effects are profound.

One thing touched on was violence towards women and the justification for rape,being out at that time, wearing that, flirting, drinking, all manner of things.

What was disturbing was that such people will always find a way to justify it. She told of a man convicted of raping a 5 year old who justified that by saying she was a beggar girl, which gave him a sense of entitlement.

*It wasn't called that, but something similar, I was driving at the time so didn't take everything on board.
bobsal u1553115
Reply Thu 4 Jan, 2024 06:39 am
Males are taught independence and individuality, and females are taught behaviors and avoidance of behaviors.
Reply Thu 4 Jan, 2024 06:45 am
@bobsal u1553115,
The point that was made was that educational requirements are based on the industrial revolution, and they've not been updated since.

Sorry to be so vague, I've just looked it up, Leslee Udwin was the woman being interviewed.

Reply Thu 4 Jan, 2024 06:48 am
This is from the episode's website.

In 2015, BAFTA-winning film-maker Leslee Udwin decided that making programmes to raise awareness about issues like rape was not enough for her. Her investigation India’s Daughter - about Jyoti Singh Pandey who was raped, tortured and killed by six men on a bus in Delhi in 2012 – asked why men rape women. Leslee spoke to one of the attackers, who blamed the victim. Leslee decided to campaign for a revolution in education, not just in India, but in the UK and theoretically, every country. Her aim is to equip all children with the tools to ‘think equal,’ and reduce violence against women. She joins Emma.

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bobsal u1553115
Reply Thu 4 Jan, 2024 07:05 am
I have absolutely no quibbles with anything you've posted. Keep saying it like it is!
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Reply Thu 4 Jan, 2024 09:23 am
izzythepush wrote:

What was disturbing was that such people will always find a way to justify it. She told of a man convicted of raping a 5 year old who justified that by saying she was a beggar girl, which gave him a sense of entitlement.

He was ‘entitled’ because she was very poor…

This reminds me of the necessity of ‘dehumanization’ to induce genocidal behaviors. A normal human being cannot shoot a child and his mother walking along a street without a deeply entrenched belief that they are not really human.

When I was looking for my first teaching job in CA, I worked as a teacher’s assistant at an awesome school in Menlo Park and met another assistant, an Israeli. She told me of her 2-year stint in the army At that time in my life, I thought it was a brilliant policy to train everyone in defense of the small nation.

Now, knowing what I do about what this ‘army’ did routinely to Palestinians, I see that a main objective was to inculcate the dehumanization of Palestinians into each individual Israeli citizen and therefore the entire society.

This is why we see video of these young IDF soldiers dancing and laughing over the corpses of dead Palestinians.

Intentional systemic, grand-scale dehumanization.
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wearing: favorite warm oversized heather v-necked sweater, black adidas track pants/ white stripes, summer black/white/grey Tevas, blue readers.
hearing: Denzel’s medical equipment beeping, a storm in the background.
eating: 2 pieces of GF toast with grape jam
drinking: Coffee
doing: Relaxing until dissident podcast
looking forward to: Three days off to goof off
feeling: Alternating happy, satisfied, creeping foreboding
wanting: my daughter to be my roommate
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wearing: way too warm sheepy/fluffy/wool Nike sweat pants and lookalike half-zip, furry long sleeved top, thick lavender socks. I’ve survived leaving off the heat this winter, but often dressed like Eskimo in a blizzard when I first get out of bed. Now, must find transitional outerwear.
hearing: Hum of appliances, auto sensing and rush of bursts of water from antiquated washer.
eating: just finished bowl of sautéed squash, mushrooms in egg whites, avo. My favorite breakfast.
drinking: Coffee, water rotation
doing: Scheduling the day.
looking forward to: Revisit of Oppenheimer this morning. Started it last night and I was so over the top enthralled, I wanted to stop, recalibrate, and not be such an uncritical fan. Not sure it worked. Plus, birthday party this afternoon!!
feeling: happiness, satisfaction, foreboding
wanting: extreme happiness for birthday boy.
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