Mundane participation for the tragically bored.

Reply Mon 25 Oct, 2021 04:47 am
Kudos to you!⭐️⭐️

Your life sounds like so much fun! I’m really good at issuing challenges; I’m going to have to set some fun goals for myself.

Sorry, not my moon on the Suwannee 🌖 but glad your eyes are peeled for all natural beauty.

Thanks for a smile to start my day.🙂
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Reply Tue 26 Oct, 2021 04:15 pm
Wearing: soft heather housedress
Hearing: Donna Reed
Eating: N/A
Drinking: catching up on water
Doing: recovering from work
Looking forward to: semi-retirement 🔥⭐️💥
Wanting: continued good fortune for the bairns and a nice evening community blues concert.
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Reply Tue 26 Oct, 2021 06:23 pm
Wearing: street clothes
Hearing: Dishwasher. TV is muted.
Eating: Ate an hour ago
Drinking: nada
Doing: Writing a western story
Wanting: to take off these shoes
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