Mundane participation for the tragically bored.

Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 02:03 pm
@Daisy Ryder,
Nice to see you post here, Daisy.

Edit, just looked back - Daisy, my welcome is late late late, see you have posted a bunch before.
I still like this thread. People are pretty real on it somehow.

Daisy Ryder
Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 02:24 pm
Indeed entertaining. (:
It's human nature to think of ourselves.
It's also in the same nature we become curious of others.

P.s. panzade, worst thing about the groves is that they're right next to Disney world. The fireworks at night are nice but the wayward tourist are ridiculous.
Glad I moved out to the dirt farms in BFE. (;
Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 02:37 pm
wearing: grey polar fleece pants, long sleeve grey t, cream sweater clogs
eating: Nothing.
drinking: hot chocolate with a 1/2 tsp hazelnut coffee pellets
doing: not anything I should be doing
looking forward to: meeting friends at the deli before we go to the Mirage dance show. Apparently Dragonfly has a new 20 minute steampunk choreo and they're doing a new Hobbit choreo
feeling: really happy that the little girl dog makes the old boy dog happy - glad she came to live with us
wanting: lots of things to work out for all of us: This!
Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 02:47 pm
@Daisy Ryder,
Disneyworld, you poor thing! I'm acquainted with the California Disneyland but not the Florida one. Only time I enjoyed it was with a boyfriend I liked and it was pouring rain a lot of the time, hardly anyone there. I had family members who worked for Disney in the thirties so I feel free to be caustic. Also was taught many long years later in design school to like the planting. I hated the planting. (Haven't seen it lately)

I'm here, so

wearing: long sleeved loud french art printed thin and slivery tee shirt under a khaki long rolled up sleeved work shirt, old black painting pants (this was bathroom painting, not painting painting, so all the same color tiny dark brownish pink dots), same old faux crocs, the dark ones. Fish earrings, the ones I made from fish pendents from the japanese store.
hearing: Disc 2 of Night at the Opera - right now, Jose Carreras and Barbara Hendricks singing O soave fanciulla from La Boheme
eating: nothing
drinking: cheap chard on ice
doing: avoiding some paperwork
looking forward to: getting paperwork done
feeling: fine at the moment
wanting: some rearrangement of my life

re ehBeth, this too:
wanting: lots of things to work out for all of us: This!
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Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 02:49 pm
wearing: light weight long dressing gown
eating: left over food in my teeth (just kidding)
drinking: coffee number 1
doing: Erm writing here?
looking forward to : Seeing my family next month
feeling: Grateful & excited to be re-organising the shop with new stock and actually spending time there
wanting : D's Café/ Bar to take off quickly

[/b](Added Beth wrote) wanting: lots of things to work out for all of us: This!
Nothing can beat that one Smile
Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 02:59 pm
I don't think I knew about you having a shop, very interested. Also in David's Cafe'.
Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2014 03:50 pm

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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 11:13 pm
wearing: black yoga pants, cream shearling-lined clogs, long burgundy knit tunic, black/white patterned winter scarf, a lot of leftover sparkly makeup
eating: just had a bowl of stuff
drinking: nothing - need water
doing: decompressing after an awesome night at a gig at a friend's studios fundraiser - still kind of giddy
looking forward to : going to a Venetian Carnival concert tomorrow night with a good friend (she came out to see our gig tonight - not every friend does that!)
feeling: amazed that musicians I adore really liked our performance - maybe a bit freaked out by it all
wanting : another 4 or 5 hours a day right now
wanting: lots of things to work out for all of us: This!

Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 11:26 pm
Right on sistah!
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Reply Sat 15 Mar, 2014 12:04 pm
wearing: black dance pants, cream shearling-lined clogs, long gold open- knit cardigan, lime green t, blingy marcasite watch
eating: just had a bowl of stuff from Sing Sing BBQ house
drinking: nothing - need water
doing: relaxing after a phenomenal dance class this morning, brewing up the dog's lunch/dinner soup
looking forward to : a Turkish Rom dance workshop/salon
feeling: chill
wanting : time change recovery to be complete
wanting: lots of things to work out for all of us: This!
Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 05:56 pm
wearing:blue jeans, grey and white striped huge-mongous t-shirt with a tank top under it, Grey mandarin collared sweat shirt type of jacket. Red converse tennis shoes. Hair is a friggin mess. It was windy today and we are getting the kids ready for Special Olympics track and field day.
eating: I ate spaghetti for supper. Yum.
drinking: water
doing: playing before I take G-baby to baseball practice
looking forward to : the next thing...whatever that may be
feeling: a mix of happy and sad, hopeful and despondent. It's weird really.
wanting : I am ambiguous. It will just confuse me more to voice it aloud...or aprint. whatever.
Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 06:36 pm
wearing: Black track pants, black slipper socks, my striped tan dress shirt (from work), and a Union Jack blanket.
eating: Just got a Magnolia Azuki red bean milk bar from the freezer. Only got it on a whim as it was on sale at the grocery store. Kind of tasty. Definitely won't buy them at full price.
drinking: Finished drinking a Fentiman's Ginger beer (s0da) a little while ago.
doing: Watching Austenland and a2k-ing.
looking forward to : Visiting a friend at a physical therapy rehab this Friday. He was hit by a taxi a couple of weeks ago. He's been in the hospital since then.
feeling: These days, I feel like tinnitus personified.
wanting : I am ambiguous. It will just confuse me more to voice it aloud...or aprint. whatever. Seconded. Confused
Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 07:47 pm
wearing: blue jeans, periwinkle tee, cream colored sweater, no shoes
Eating: Chicken Broth, it's the only thing I can keep on my stomach since the bout of food poisoning
Drinking: see above
Doing: not much
Looking forward to: feeling better
Felling: queasy
Wanting: can't think of anything right now
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Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 08:43 pm
wearing: black dance pants, black/pink racer back dance practice top under tiger stripe shirt under giraffe print knit jacket, black stinky socks, black shearling lined clogs, really messed up hair and half-sweated off makeup
eating: nothing and I'm ravenous after 2.5 hours of dance class/practice/rehearsal
drinking:nothing and I'm thirsty
doing: unwinding
looking forward to : more fun with dance friends/dance class on the weekend
feeling: a little too energized for this time of night
wanting : what don't I want right now? actually what I want is a particular piece of music to be recorded because I want to dance to it
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Reply Sat 22 Mar, 2014 09:06 am
Wearing: A new shirt that I picked up at one of the local Goodwill's, it's a sueded Henley, very comfortable, it's nearly an olive drab color...actually I think it may be OD green, but I like it anyway. I think there are roughly 2 dozen henley's in my closet.
Hearing: Phil Collins - Do You Remember.
Eating: Waiting on Breakfast, pork chops and fresh eggs from the backyard.
Drinking: Coke-a-cola.
Doing: Was searching madly for batteries for the mouse when it went Kaputt... after destroying half the house in what resembled an FBI man hunt, the batteries were located and secured, the mouse is now happily scurrying about the dinning room as I type this.
Looking forward to: Painting my wifes shop, purple walls, with a white beadboard wainscoat for the bottom. Then all new white trim from top to bottom, crown, chair rail and base.
Feeling: Loads better since spring has sorta/kindaish sprung.
Wanting: The paint to coat properly, so I don't have to keep going over it...last week I hung textured wallpaper on the top portion, and sometimes that stuff can be a bugger to cover all the little cracks and crevices.
Reply Sat 22 Mar, 2014 09:20 am
Wearing: still in my bathrobe and faux crocs, the grey blue ones (just after 9 am here)
Hearing: a car going fast on the speedy street beyond the back wall
Eating: just now finished thawed and heated sardine potato fishcake with basil garlic mayo dip
Drinking: 2nd coffee refill
Doing: checking news sources and a2king
Looking forward to: going out with Diane in a couple of hours to get a snack and go back to her house to see what is happening in her garden
Feeling: happy about spring springing
Wanting: to get myself in gear re yardwork and paperwork. This is a constant, most of the time, but bears repeating.
Reply Sat 22 Mar, 2014 09:00 pm
wearing:black yoga pants, white short sleeve henley t, blue and white mans dress shirt I stole and painted purple flowers all over with green vines. bare feets - my feet are hot as in warm. I think it is the Bare Foot Perfect Pink Wine I just finished up...for some reason drinking wine makes my feet hot. So weird.
eating: no
drinking: I have been...
doing: I have a few more things to do before I can call it a day to do...I am procrastinating for some reason....I guess I am not ready to see the day leave.
looking forward to : the next thing...whatever that may be
feeling: pretty much the same. I find moments of sublime happiness then fall into a funk just as fast. I think it is my artistic temperament. If I could not understand being a little "not right", I don't suppose I could love my multi-need babies as much as I do. It takes Special to understand Special I suppose. Wink
Daisy Ryder
Reply Fri 18 Apr, 2014 02:13 pm
Wearing: http://www.runemasterstudios.com/graemlins/images/skep.gif Nothing. It's laundry day.http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-chores047.gif

Eating: http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-eatdrink030.gif http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-eatdrink002.gif

Drinking: Water. http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-eatdrink014.gif To counteract that last soda sugar high.

Looking forward to: The rain stopping so I can go outside and check on the gardens. http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-gen042.gif

Feeling: http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-whacky011.gif Funny. http://smileys.on-my-web.com/repository/Laughing/lol-058.gifhttp://www.runemasterstudios.com/graemlins/images/willy_nilly.gif
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Reply Fri 25 Apr, 2014 01:25 pm
wearing: brown strap velcro closure Birkenstocks (ha...said I wouldn't do that when I moved to Cali); 2.25 boost old lady reading glasses from Walgreens (I have a pair in each room, my pocketbook and the car...this seems to be indicative of something....); Kev's latest job-affiliated t-shirt in moss green with white logo and slogan; knee length black jogging shorts.
eating: gastronomical limbo between breakfast and lunch - but I am planning a salmon and tilapia nirvana with steamed root veggies.
drinking: Two irresponsibly unnecessary and lukewarm sips of coffee.
doing: Contemplating odd uncharacteristic recent behavior, avoiding grocery shopping - thankful for rare rainburst excuse, wondering when I began really hating TV.
feeling: older
Reply Sat 26 Apr, 2014 09:56 pm
Wearing: A white button up shirt, American Eagle jeans, and the usual straw hat with a black band...the feet are bare....oh yeah.
Hearing: Concrete Blonde - Joey
Eating: Snacking on leftover pizza.
Drinking: Coke classic
Doing: Was at this years grand march, which is an occasion where the couples {or singles} going to a prom or similar outing, show themselves off to the onlookers before the event begins...tickets are sold to these things which in turn pays for the band and such.

Our younger daughter fractured her ankle last Friday sliding in to home during a softball game, so me and my oldest daughter "blinged" out her crutches with some tuelling* and beads my wife uses to make her doggie bows at the grooming shop. Which turned out pretty neat, everyone thought they were cute...but the best part was when her boyfriend, who is a 6'3 strapping young lad, picked her up and carried her across the gym floor...I thought the crowd was going to bust my eardrums, my wife has watched the video about a dozen times now, and each time she breaks out in tears...was a powerful moment.
Looking forward to: Hearing how the rest of the night went.
Feeling: Happy that she got to go to prom, she was more upset about missing prom than having a fractured leg.
Wanting: Nothing at all.

*The stuff tutu's and formal dresses are made of....no idea how you spell it.
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