A different philosophy and science

Sat 19 Aug, 2023 03:02 pm
I maintain that the foundational philosophy for all the sciences is the symmetrical united formula +/-=+/- and not the divided unsymmetrical formula +=- and -=+

Please see my explanation below.

+=- and -=+ philosophy is a guess.This philosophy claims that good is bad and bad is good.This philosophy can guess what it wants when it comes to good and bad.The truth is it can’t definitively prove it.

The problem arises when you take +=- and -=+ philosophy into science.I maintain that this same philosophy cannot be adopted as the foundational basis for all the sciences because the equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature do not cancel out according to Newtons 3rd Law.

I maintain that the equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature are just that, equal but opposite and have nothing at all to do with good or bad.

I maintain that natures true science is symmetrical.

As you can’t cancel out these equal but opposite electromagnetic forces, in order to obtain symmetry you have to balance a + and - force with a + and - force.

I maintain that this is exactly how nature is constructed.

If you are upset by this alternative philosophy and science then remember it is merely another alternative philosophy and science that cannot be successfully challenged.

Sat 19 Aug, 2023 11:30 pm
I maintain that science is symmetrical.It is not unsymmetrical.

I maintain that the brain utilises the symmetrically balanced + and - electromagnetic forces in its construction.The science behind this being the symmetrically balanced philosophical logic +/-=+/-

I maintain that this is the reason why electrical signals within the brain are sinusoidal in nature.They oscillate because they are passing through vibrating electromagnetic fields due to the above formula.

If you are upset by this remember the above is merely and alternative view of science based upon an alternative philosophy that cannot be challenged.

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Sun 20 Aug, 2023 04:49 am
There's nothing different or new here. It's the same inane drivel you've been spouting since you arrived.

It's not philosophy or science it's the confused musings of a five year old.

That's all it is.
Sun 20 Aug, 2023 06:20 am
Please stay away from my posts izzy if you are not interested.Why are you so concerned with what you say is drivel?
Sun 20 Aug, 2023 06:28 am
My philosophy and science are totally sound.

+/-=+/- is a philosophical certainty.

+=- and -=+ is a philosophical guess.

If you are unsure of whether there is a difference between + and - then separated + and - will always symmetrically balance with a separated
+ and -

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