INWARD only meditation

Thu 13 Jul, 2023 12:25 am
INWARD only meditation is just that. INWARD!!!!!

The individual decides to go INWARD to carryout INWARD only reasoning.

If you can go INWARD, you can then decide to go back OUTWARD again.

The problem with INWARD only meditative reasoning is that the individual becomes the Observer and the Observed within an INWARD ONLY consciousness state. Remember, an INWARD ONLY state !!!! and NOT an OUTWARD only state!!!

This INWARD only meditative reasoning practice is dualistic because it involves an Observer /Observed scenario.

There is no truth to be gained from this type of INWARD ONLY meditative practice simply because it is INWARD only as far as consciousness is concerned.

Science knows nothing about how consciousness works in the overall system.

If you are in this INWARD only consciousness state exercising the HALF logic reasoning of +=- and -=+ (which is a pure guess) then you will inevitably be persuaded that you don't actually exist because it is assumed that + and - cancel out.

However,+=+ and -=- is the other half logic possibility that can't be ignored I'm afraid and so these logics also need to be considered within this INWARD only dualistic reasoning practice because WE KNOW!!!! it is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel out + and - electromagnetic forces in nature.

You can only balance these electromagnetic forces by the formula +/-=+/- which is the true formula for nature.

Clearly, individuals would know this if they took the OUTWARD consciousness state into account during their meditative reasonings.


They don't of course because they DON'T understand consciousness

If you understood consciousness then you wouldn't be adopting PURELY the a +=- and -=+ formulas in your meditative reasonings because these statements are NOT TRUE when it comes to the 2 equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature.

You would be adopting the correct balanced formula +/-=+/- because this formula is the ONLY way you can balance these forces of nature.

The truth is that scientists DON'T understand science because they don't understand consciousness. If they understood consciousness then they would understand science.

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Thu 13 Jul, 2023 03:34 am
Mindfulness is about being AWARE that being in the moment is precisely not the place to be. If you are not in the moment then you are clearly somewhere else. If you are in the moment then you are clearly not in the place that is not in the moment. It is a fact that every individual “Toggles” backwards and forwards between these two + and - states of consciousness. It is not about residing in one or the other. It is about balancing these consciousness states because we are not a consciousness experience just as we are not a thought either.

The IN and OUT of the moment consciousness states are merely experiential states.

Don't associated yourself with these 2 states therefore. Rather, be AWARE that you constantly "TOGGLE" backwards and forwards between these two states all the time whether you are AWARE of it or not.

It is impossible to cancel these 2 states out.

Many individuals believe that the place to be is the IN the moment state which is incorrect. As you cannot cancel these 2 states of consciousness, all you can do is BALANCE them. We have the science to PROVE it.

AWARENESS sits above CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!! and has greater authority than it.

Remember also that science is SYMMETRICAL!!!!!!

So the IN and OUT of the moment consciousness states are both on the LEFT & the RIGHT giving a balanced consciousness state formula +/-=+/-

This is the only way you can balance the electromagnetic forces in nature which are causing these "TOGGLING" consciousness state experiences within the brain.
Sat 15 Jul, 2023 01:27 am
Inward ONLY meditation is all that the world knows about and this where all it’s scientific formulas originate from.

The individual goes inward into the out of the moment state of consciousness and then carries out the observer/observed dualistic knowledge gathering, more often than not, adopting a one-sided half logic philosophy of +=- and -=+ on the basis that scientifically + and - cannot be defined.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Pretty shallow don’t you think?

Sat 15 Jul, 2023 01:55 am
Inward only meditation is an unbalanced meditative practice whereby consciousness is concerned.

This type of meditation is utter nonsense SCIENTIFICALLY because it is ONE sided and only produces a half logic science that is NOT symmetrical because it it is based upon +=- and -=+ philosophy.

This has happened because scientists simply do not understand consciousness or the fact that it is impossible to cancel out the electromagnetic force interactions between two objects.
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