Meditation in all its forms

Fri 21 Jul, 2017 05:46 am
I've decided to add some type of meditation to my morning routine. Jerry Seinfeld and David Lynch are big proponents of Transcendental Meditation; it sounded fabulous as I watched a few introductory videos, but soon began to seem a bit shady.

You are given a "secret mantra," and forced to sign a document stating you won't share secrets with newbies. Almost as many videos extolling TM attempt to debunk it. I decided that I can't pay $1000. to get my secret mantra so I can say 500 times every morning words which I don't know.

So, I thought about focused or guided thought. The type of meditation in which you are tasked to clear your mind of all thought is like daring me to not think of a pink elephant. I do want to have better control of my thought, but a more disciplined mind is an ultimate goal-not Day One material... I thought listening to Eckhart Tolle or Thich Nhat Hanh saying groovy things like "feel the energy in your hand" might be a nice awareness and calming way to start my day.

So, I wanted to check these guys out to judge whether they should occupy my dwindling head space, and I've been reading a bit of Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. I like his philosophy. It actually has a lot of foundational anchors with mine. He definitely has an interesting perception of Jesus and a pretty great sense of humor.

As I've been reading, I think incorporating this type of book--inspirational, spiritual--is a positive addition to my morning routine; and in addition, I've signed up for Tai Chi. I think having distinct movements to focus on brings a degree of meditation or cognitive calm that I'm looking for.

There are no morning classes, but once I'm proficient, I can practice wherever and whenever I want.

I've been studying morning rituals. How they can really define who we are or the major direction our lives take.

Do you have a ritual that's important to you? Do you think it serves you?

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Fri 21 Jul, 2017 01:11 pm
My form of meditation may not have an official name. If it does, it has eluded me thus far.

It's simple really. I just sit and relax, let my mind and thoughts go where they may. No secret words or codes or dollars needed.

The length of time can be a few minutes or even a few hours, there is no forced time frame like those that require 30 minutes or some other exact amount of time. How can a time frame minimum be at all conducive to meditation? No alarms that will go off either, after a specified time frame is elapsed. If a time clock was involved I'd stop relaxing and exit the meditative state and start thinking about how jolting the alarm would be when my scheduled time was up.
Fri 21 Jul, 2017 02:08 pm
a) There's a "meditation forum." Just type meditation into the forum search field.
b) This might assist: https://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/mindfulness
c) Mindfulness doesn't have the whole mantra thing. It rings true to me, since I do believe that many go through life on auto pilot, and we miss much of what experiencing life is all about. Stupid as it may sound, I think it enhances washing dishes.
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Fri 21 Jul, 2017 03:39 pm
Another "mantra" is to narrate what you are doing internally.

"I am breathing in, I am relaxed." "I am breathing out." "I am breathing in." etc... breath in slowly through your nose and exhale gently. Sit in a relaxed posture, can be in a chair or on the floor cross legged or not.

The idea is to clear your head of all the stuff and just be in the now. "I am breathing in, I am relaxed." "I am breathing out." "I am breathing in." etc...
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Fri 21 Jul, 2017 07:01 pm
Thank you guys! All very helpful!
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