Crime and Social Media

Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2022 02:41 am
Occasionally I read about the investigation of a serious crime. Often there is a statement that the investigators would check the social media writings of the suspec5t or perpetrator.

Do they check able2know.org? Would they need a warrant or subpoena to obtain the person's name?
Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2022 06:14 am
We won't hand over personal information without a proper warrant or subpoena.

But understand that people put all sorts of private information online (not just here). An investigator can easily join A2K just like anyone else. There's absolutely nothing stopping them from clicking on a username, looking up all that person's posts, and taking numerous screenshots.

That doesn't need a warrant because you or any other member can do that, assuming you had no life and felt like wasting your time that way. The main thing stopping law enforcement is that it would be time-consuming and expensive.

Compared to Facebook, etc., A2k is a rather small fish. A much, much better use of the law enforcement/DA budget would be to serve FB with a subpoena.

As for whether the administrative team has ever been served with a subpoena or warrant, I will never tell you. Because if anyone ever has, they are entitled to their privacy, now, don't you think?
Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2022 10:04 am

An investigator taking screenshots would still not learn from that process the identity or person name & address associated with any particular screen name.

I acknowledge each person is entitled to his privacy. That said, my question has able2know.org been subpoenaed or warranted and does not query any individual's information.

Thank you
Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2022 05:11 pm
Still not going to answer that.
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