cosmos vs us (2)

Reply Sat 6 Jul, 2024 10:21 pm
Whether Donkey carry **** or **** carry Donkey can do something in meta physics? Piggy has to gather scientists around the world to a2k to review. It’s very rigorous math – physics analysis. Understand?
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Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2024 04:17 am
Opinions gathering:
Who can do something in meta physics?
1. Mr Donkey’s opinion in a2k galaxy: Does energy carry information or does information carry energy?
URL: https://able2know.org/topic/555750-2
2. Mr Ding’s opinion: why a glass seems has no wave particle duality?
(Sorry guys, piggy can’t find out where’s the essay mentioned Ding’s physics test. Ding is a professor in MIT.)

Pig Head Award No. 8 position 2024 suspended there.
This tramp in cosmos’s humble opinion: item one is redundant.
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Reply Mon 8 Jul, 2024 04:47 pm
Those guys who thumbed Donkey down are absolute heroes. A2k needs such heroes. This tramp in cosmos thinks he deserves – 100.
You should go on with PHA. Even a schoolboy can see that item one is obvious baloney, non sense at all in scientific research. The development of history should not stop due to a foolish donkey.
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