cosmos vs us (2)

Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 03:00 pm
Archeology vs Multi – clues analysis, touchy and feely

In the cosmic thread, piggy analyzed the new “inward Hydrogen atom” model of neutron in the clue of structure. Piggy feels scientific research nowadays should learn from the spirit of archeology. Multi – clues analysis is always appreciated in archeology.

Hereby piggy analyzes the new “inward Hydrogen atom” model of neutron in another clue: mass.
According to some scientific materials, the mass of a rest neutron Mn ≈ 1.6749 ×10ˆ-27 kg, the mass of a rest electron Me ≈ 9.1×10ˆ-31 kg, the mass of a rest proton Mp ≈ 1.6726×10ˆ-27 kg.
We can see that the mass of a neutron is slightly more than the sum of an electron and a proton.

Due to the movement of the electron and the proton in the system, their masses will increase slightly. (effect of Relativity).

Coincidence again?

(And we can expect that a bit slight balance of mass would be the resource of the energy of neutrino in beta decay).

Have a lovely day, guys.

Liqiang Chen
Aug 29, 2022
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Reply Mon 29 Aug, 2022 12:56 am
One more of piggy’s thread has been forced stop by abuser.
“The formula, of my experience in the house where I live, is that any solution I find is the meaning of me being attacked; I am attacked by Denzel Washington's technology ghost, Michael Douglas's technology twat, and Anthony Hopkins's technology ghost etc.

Terry Howletrax, my friend and future lover, has just informed me that she blocks out God's game of is the conspiracy real or not, headlined by a bald-headed man whose name I don't know, by reimagining the trope of evil of being unable to use bluff.

Bluff: it's a deconstructive meaning. The practice, involves the person lowering their head while looking in the same direction; the humour, and the meaning of bluff, is the facial connection to the act of the lowering.

What's all this in relation to:
in general, I am being haunted, by God and God's boyfriend, who have presumably waited trillions of years to have a nexus psychology system use the game of is the conspiracy real or not, only, the problem of course, is that the game needs animal evolution (zebras, snakes, dogs, mice, elephants etc) and it needs the sex of manual labour (the sex of manual labour: it means that when people perform manual labour, they need to be the morality of requesting/requiring help).

Inevitability, is the central tenet science of God's game (the cosmos's game); of course, animal evolution and the morality of needing help when constructing skyscrapers and using ladders (of course, I dane to use ladders in the house where I live, because of my being copied by God and her boyfriend) aren't supposed to be using inevitability, which means that my own abyss of inevitability will be needed to deject God and James Twal from their psychosis.”

Piggy’s question here:
Any normal scientist around the cosmos considers such an T - 33 odd bubble has something to do with the ongoing research on neutron in the cosmic thread?
The what coffin box from what CN appeared in PHF in 2020, obviously it’s for obscure purpose...
Although piggy was defeated by the what coffin box from what CN in PHF, but it doesn’t mean that what coffin box won out in international scientific community. Piggy really can’t find out in which year that guy won an “Oscar” Prize for physics or for astronomy.呵呵 But if you input Einstein’s name in the search engine, everywhere it would be: Albert Einstein won Nobel Prize for physics in 1921.

[email protected]:
Piggy is really not very good at road pavement. Can you tell me what T – 33 fighter jet was trying to say here?
[email protected]:
This tramp in cosmos is really not very good at reading English…Seems he was trying to tell you pig head owed the mothers of the First Order very much?
[email protected]:
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Reply Fri 16 Sep, 2022 01:52 pm
[email protected]:
To be honest, whether you pig head really owed the mothers of the First Order very much?
[email protected]:
Perhaps that’s the job of archeologists in 22sec century. But piggy really doesn’t think that the mothers of the First Order were beautiful enough to fascinate this pig…呵呵
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