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Tue 6 Jun, 2023 07:08 am - If the author of this thread knows what's meta physics, feel free to show it up here. Piggy hereby invites professional physicists around the world to review. [img... (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2023 05:21 am - Ig pig head award 2023: Mr. DomenicHalvah’s comment in a2k: @Albuquerque, What ails you, and how long have you been suffering from it? URL: [img... (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2023 03:00 am - Thank you for your good wish. Actually, this pig dead many years ago in the hand of the FIRST ORDER. haha [img... (view)
Tue 6 Jun, 2023 02:48 am - [email protected]: The black hole image just showed a round black spot (event horizon). What sits at the “core”? [img width=150]... (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 07:24 am - Pig Head Award 2023 No. 4 position: That pig head neila9876’s derivation of “mass – space equation” in PHF galaxy in 2020. [img width=100]... (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 07:17 am - Thank you for your PRESENCE in this thread and have a good chat. “You are uninspired…” Perhaps you are unable to engage in strict mathematical and physical analysis. I... (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 05:25 am - My friend bobsual believes in what "string theory", but the pig is entirely not interested in that kind of fringe theory of speculation. So, piggy considers I have lost this friend. He... (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 04:26 am - Actually the pig has amended and reorganized much stuff of this thread and wrote an article of “Research on the Root of Special Relativity”. But the pig always respects anyone’s... (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 04:15 am - Who believe what what * theory, he just go. Piggy always respect anyone's personal freedom. (view)
Thu 1 Jun, 2023 07:14 am - bang... the pig has no time to observe what...guys feel free to do it by yourself [img width=150][/img] (view)
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