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Tue 24 May, 2022 06:14 pm - What does "freaky" mean exactly in English? (view)
Tue 24 May, 2022 06:10 pm - Piggy has been learning English for more than thirty years. But I don’t think I can “take part in casual conversations in other languages”. Yes, schoolboys always are... (view)
Sun 22 May, 2022 03:15 pm - The problem of rabbit, touchy and feely That “authentic” rabbit Dandan noticed the bilateral conception of current: “We have negative charges (electrons) moving so we have a... (view)
Sun 22 May, 2022 03:11 pm - Ah, yeah, maybe piggy looks like a physicist here. But if piggy asks for good liquor from my old classmate, the pig will AUTOPILOTly become a security guard again…the First Limitation ever... (view)
Wed 18 May, 2022 11:18 pm - Piggy is observing the PHF galaxy Those “authentic” guys are arguing the old topic of “magnetic monopoles” again in PHF.... (view)
Wed 18 May, 2022 11:09 pm - Just came back from other galaxies. Perhaps “maximum speaking” is one operation rule of a2k. Perhaps a2k is trying to “have compassion for” all its users and guarantee... (view)
Thu 12 May, 2022 05:53 pm - Special Meeting of the Pig Head Committee ´╣áCOISA Piggy noticed wasp PRESENCE in the philosophical building again. Although wasp seldom PRESENCE recently, but thereafter some “non -... (view)
Thu 12 May, 2022 04:07 pm - Pig Head Award 2023 No. 7 position: That “authentic” rabbit Dandan (Toppy Sir)’s research on current in PHF: “We have negative charges (electrons) moving so we have a... (view)
Wed 11 May, 2022 04:39 pm - Pig Head Award 2023 No. 8 position: That “authentic” rabbit Dandan (Toppy Sir)’s comment in PHF: “I don't know how many times I have heard that the Planck length... (view)
Wed 11 May, 2022 04:27 pm - Thanks the allies fighting side by side on the beach. (view)
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