Many materials will not last and removal REMOVES THE SURFACE, any way to avoid?

Reply Fri 29 Jul, 2022 05:03 pm
You often see people not wanting to paint and slivering up old weathered logs and scraps and making timber feature walls. countless youtube videos have them glue sizes 2 fingers or more in rows covering entire room like brickwork but with glue gun or strong adhesive. Without a protective varnish/clearcoat top coat dust could gather in the cracks and splinters more of an issue and cleaning becomes near impossible timber invasive pests maybe an issue and the already old timber may decay and sort of crumble out moist coffee grind like dirt between gaps. but pry it off the plasterboard or drywall whatever and you need to completely resurface/rerender/refinish/respackle. Sure if they mounted them to acryllic panels or something first and sealed them its maybe better? but they use timber to avoid paints and chems and probably use cheap home made glues. then pat themselves on the back as house flippers. 99% of the time people building and decorating or designing will NEVER have to live in the house. Often different floor types like tiles vs floorboards or other use different foundations/base and one maybe cement or whatever and some grounded parts others not, this may cause the house to seasonally pull itself apart and tiles to crack as in australia almost not a single floor tiler or builder or rennovations service has any sort of government approved building methods as even thousands of years old ancient roman methods LAST thousands of years yet our homes fall apart within months or years. if you want flagstone paver deck you dig a swimming pool like hole fill with many layers of different sized gravel and ensure adequate drainage and use different linings and leave spacings and gaps and do it the same way ancient rome did it or you're going to have a VERY BAD TIME. yet most builders cant even put cement slabs or foundations in correctly but all our buildings require these. floor tiles rated for tonnes and tonnes of weight are cracking when a toddler plays on them because theirs moisture and air pockets and expansion and contraction forces which the construction methods are supposed to be designed to completely avoid but retards that thousands of years old cavemens uneducated slave labourers make look like idiots dont use designs they do how it looks in the picture without a bloody clue.
Living in an old australian house maybe closer to a century old feels like that was originally a type of probably asbestos fibro exterior interior plasterboard which has been extended and rennovated dozens of times in 50 years but us being poor the house sort of seasonally shifts with expansion contraction and well the walls develop cracks and uneven surfaces or angle slightly. If we fill it in and paint over it, next year or two its cracked up again and layers of gap filler would eventually make it wayyyy more uneven surface. So i considered wallpapering but that stuff is stupidly expensive for anything not set it on fire ugly and impossible to remove the glues which damage the wall surface so you'd need to waste piles of money to resurface in a few years anyway. So my family insists NO TILES or cheap vinyl if i DIY wanna fix my room up from its uhh old feeling i guess? and wallpaper is no good. But when i saw online wholesale like alibaba or retail like aliexpress from china who make 80% of worlds manufacturing needs is super cheap and that you can buy luxury sofa lounge recliner and handbag or shoes or wallets leather for a fraction of the cost per meter of wallpaper for genuine leather or suede or faux vegan leather or airleather. Computer chair leather is like under a dollar per meter in some case plus postage 1mx1.42m mostly by the roll or 50cmx1.42m. Why the heck arent all our houses and 'things' covered in leather or PU leather or sofa upholstery? its literally miles cheaper? is there a way to do so that wouldnt ruin the surface i stick it to? i was thinking painting or mirror hanging double sided tapes or velcro tapes or something you can buy for $1 a roll of 50meters or so? or maybe those wet them algae gel clear tapes that when they try are very strong but if you pour water on them it unsticks and is reusable? but not sure if thats a good choice as in cold weather condensation maybe an issue. So im not very able or crafty at all.. but even i can use a brush and roller and paint a room to look normal i guess? i tried to buy a HPLV paint sprayergun cheap online but i maybe using a wrong nozzle or its clogging up looked new or unused but only water barely passes out the nozzle paint seems too thick? might be a wrong setting. I dont speak chinese or read it at all so tmall or taobao stuff i have no clue what they are or if better than aliexpress. but if i go onto etsy or ebay and see thousands of dollar sofa covered in $80-300 per meter leather feels you can see that stuff for less than wallpaper on aliexpress just the pictures look less instagram new york coffee shop and less uber high quality and more generic squint tiny not sure if what i wanted i cant see the grain or the tone and texture! so ideally i'd like to spend as close to nothing as possible. maybe brighten my room with dark contrast by somehow mounting leather strips and maybe using brushed metallic flooring tape of probably silver down measured out first and taped up with wide clearance maybe 5 or 10cm wide and then put each 50cm or 1.42 or 1m whatever strip like uhh panels probably vertical? maybe do ceiling too? maybe rip up carpet and see if its possible for a thin high strength light weight double rollered glass like tempered glass for phones but for flooring to stop old timber from wearing as a sort of surface guard after polish them up. maybe throw some rugs down? what would it cost? how long would it maybe last? rather than linen look faux leather or air leather fabrics or suede fabrics like in car roofs are fuzzy soft touch blanketing an option or something like microfibre towelling? that'd be similar and cheaper and look chamois/suede like velvety? what would you do to hide imperfection thats lasting and reversible
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I would use paragraph breaks and edit the hell out of my question.

Sorry if that's snarky, but your post is in the dictionary under TL; DR.
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