Free will?

Reply Mon 1 Aug, 2022 07:36 am
All the dumb people tend to think the others are dumb, on the contrary smart people have huge doubts about their own skills and knowledge...it is so because they play devil's advocate a lot and know all to well how complex and non linear a situation can be!

That said there are glaring cases of sheer stupidity that should be dismissed all at once! Guess where do you fit?
Do some auto analysis without calculating!
Reply Mon 1 Aug, 2022 11:56 pm
The problem of taking things literally when you don't fully grasp the concepts you use is confusion.
It is not suprising that the Bell distribution of IQ is equal be it in Academia or in a blue colour skyscraper building site...the filter against stupidity does not work and this experiment was repeated several times across the globe way back...it is a tabu because Academia needs to sell itself on the base of its "extraordinary" nature...we all know by now the distinction between the scientific method and the menial task many dumb scientists play in it.
The label of working at a lab does not make anyone a genius nor a blue colour worker stupid by definition.

This is why arguments ad authority should be disputed energetically when things don't make sense...to the point:

Just because deep learning is not a brut force linear computation, the assertion NEVER implied that calculations are not happening in the process, rather that there is an optimization on the amount of work it is needed to get better results with much less brut force step by step analysis!
This is so obvious and so basic that one is truly left wondering how these guys have a job saying the stuff they say with a straight face..failing the fundamental concepts, on which they claim to devote their entire life's working on!
Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 02:03 am
I just can't shake the feeling that you are a textbook case of people who have fallen prey to the Dunning-Kruger effect.
Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 03:58 am
Do we have free will? Ask yourself when was it your choice and when did not have free will was it the choice of the person who was responsible for you?

Everything has a root and when we look at the root of things of why and what is only then we could determine free will.

Men become bald ( develop balding spot or bad-hairline ) over time due to testosterone which allows for high adrenaline rush and thus ability to gain muscle easier then women counter-part. Asides for sugar ( bone damaging ) or anything that would increase estrogen.

Women have estrogen and usually those with more produce big breasts, and have tons of hair on their head. Oppose to women who could grow a beard more easier then men.

People big round eyes are meant for seeing far and wide, People with smaller eyes are meant for combat. With smaller hands did not do intensive labor, while people with longer/larger hands did intensive labor. Your body shapes dictates the class via the ant-hill of humanity.

Money is not a natural occurring creation. It is a product created in place of bartering, for goods n services. That being said women are built for the home and are better functioning with-inside while men are built for the great out-doors. That is why a man will work those hours and get paid far more then their women counter-parts who are not expected to pass on their seed.

There is no Jane-apple-seed. Only Johnny. If there was then every child born would be given the option of being put inside foster or emancipated from her.
If she had to be responsible she would be classed as a baby-sitter.

The problem with this world is money, and when you live on land that is not yours. If everybody was dependent, we could make a system of communism.
We could toss people into the streets, make slaves of peoples children, murderers of brothers, and whores of sisters. Money is and addictive problem we need to over-come.

When you go to a hospital that is white, the gate is white, the lights are white, and all the doctors are white, red-headed, blue-eyes, all dressed in white, and across the street everything is charcoal black, run-down business, rentals, and homeless. People are black, black haired, black eyed, and yet all of those black people have medical coverage they use to go to the see the white doctors. Then you ask yourself, where is the equality.
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Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 05:45 am
Well lets see I was tested for IQ at 12 with a result 143, and I had great grades at school without studying much, missing classes and don't giving a flying frack...now you don't know if this is true or not but I do and that is what matters!

I still remember when I got to exams I had straight A+ and got the envy of library rats who studied all week long and got worse grades...those are exactly the same guys who 40 years later hate me for trumping them like a truck, while being a generalist, an amateur, that often replies to deep questions in 2 minutes of good thinking...

As for my sense of greatness sheesh, I have little ambition, I live a quiet life, and has a homo sapiens I feel stupid all the time, but I do indeed have a problem with the miss use of concepts and magical thinking...perhaps I am just dumb enough to keep replying to people like you!

Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 06:11 am
That says it all, I guess.
Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 06:39 am
You see the thing is you don't say much, you don't counter any point you won't debate...now just do that counter something get a point across and we shall see who is the classic text book of the Dunning-Kruger effect... an effect that by the way affects the whole of Society, specially now that with the internet people are solicited to give opinion on all possible areas... Saddly we often see this with famous Scientists giving opinion in multiple areas they are not expert on, or worse making assumptions from data sets they gathered into Philosophy of Science or Metaphysical claims often not having the slightest notion on the vocabulary they use...one such brilliant example that will go down in History books by spouting out nonsense is Lawrence Kraus! By the way I studied Psychology and Educational Sciences back at University I remember well the Dunning-Kruger effect affecting a great deal of public speakers solicited to speak on many areas...I also remember well the results, they are still quite visible in conferences these days for all to see!
Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 07:14 pm
1. What you described was everybody before they go to high-school.
2. You believe you have a High IQ. The problem is not you it is the world itself. It is like capitalism. I talked to some prime minister and all he did was parrot the same words to me over and over. Imagine if all those people you think have any real power or say in the world are just puppets on many strings.
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Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 07:35 pm
You feel special you took up education, and psychology ? You know what the truth is?

1. The psychologist majors that flooded into the job market created the usage of pro suicidal and pro school shooter drugs. That being said they used people as examples claiming them as victims to support separation of the sexes. The reality is that psychology is flooded with LGBT who work around the clock to make heterosexual activity of any notion to be abnormal, while promoting themselves.

2. The reality with education is the
A. The ability to retain knowledge. Your IQ how fast you could figure out something. Like when I see my dog using it's teeth to attempt to open the door, or even cry in a particular manor when she wants to use the bathroom. Even flat out adjust it's voice when attempting to get specific attention. The same with the recent advancement of chimps who have been carving weapons out of brush hunting not children but parent gorillas ( yet for some reason we call that nature akin to the Big-cat being tamed when a Liger is created.
B. The ability to have trust. Because all of that useless knowledge was put into you because nobody trust anybody. Yet our bosses are some ( random religious nutjobbery, who barely has any education at all, even if they brag about some school their parents paid off to pass them, and yet we could notice the ill-breed
results of their improper mating habits. ). That is education in a nutshell.

It is stupid for somebody who was ahead of everybody to go in the military and have blood on their hands only to come back home and end up a bus driver and then work inside another blue-collared job as a machinist. That makes no sense at all. That being said people join the military ( or as with mummy and dadums paying their way through college ) only to have fake positions and then come back home to have fake positions once again, with fake stories written about them. Like look at the former president wife. Her father was a car salesman in USSR, she literally have dozens of nudes ( most likely in adult imagery collections ), and that being said is obvious that she had/has plastic surgery like no tomorrow. Why? What is her purpose? The purpose is to recruit women and tell them "This is your only way to have some kind of normal life"

You say internet people???? The truth is the internet is really people. Internet is bunch of Brains ( computers aka calculators ) all linked together. We speak in a hive mind knowing that we are apart and separate beings. Like cells in the body. AKA Free information at a price that people will gather that information for X-purpose.

People have experience, knowledge, and so much more. My grandmother of my fatherside has so much in her name. She was diabetic from twenty-five. She was a nurse. She gave herself her injections round the clock. Then years later her physician/MD retired, at ninety-eight. A new person came around and was most likely younger then me ( in his twenties ). This was back in 2016
after I have left her. This guy gave her a pill "claiming it would be less painful"
and sure enough in four months she went to emergency, and they put her back on her injections. A year passed by, and then the next time he did it again. Four months again passed by, and boom she was gone. She was only eighty-nine years old. Her mother went at hundred and ten from not taking her medication. In my opinion that person withheld her medication and gave her something that took to long to have any effect on her. The new doctor and his pill substitute is what killed her off.

The way I see you right now you might have academia but that does not means your not going to make a mistake that will surely end your life or have bad advice at all, to give.
Reply Tue 2 Aug, 2022 07:53 pm
In case you haven't noticed I was not defending Academia...as any other institution it is good when it is and just like any other institution often its quite bad! As for the remaining of your long reply I don't have any comment for it. Have a happy life whatever that might entail!
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