Do Men Still Wear Button-Down Shirts & Ties

Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 06:46 am
My 25 yr old son is convinced a job interview does not require a button down shirt and tie. He said it's outdated and unwarranted. I think he's young and doesn't understand business protocol and probably the reason he's not getting the higher-up jobs he wants.

Ok, I am rather old school. I think that women should still be wearing hose with skirts and dresses. I see professionally dressed women without hose and think to myself that's so wrong. My grandmother's words haunt me, "a well dressed woman doesn't leave the house without proper undergarments."

Same thing for men, a suit jacket with an oxford style shirt with a tie is the standard. Although I could be wrong.

Am I?
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Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 07:01 am
The attire in the workplace has changed dramatically. before Covid, office attire was "business casual", so no jeans. Post Covid, I'm in the office in jeans and a polo. But for interviews, in depends on the position. A button down and tie should be a minimum for an office job. I wouldn't hold it against someone who didn't wear a jacket but dressing well is just a sign of respect to the potential employer and you are in competition with people who will recognize that. For a manufacturing job, I'd accept clean and tidy even if it was jeans and a tee shirt.
Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 07:18 am
He does kinda crack me up. He came by last night for the lint roller to use on his black dress pants. He used a half a roll before realizing there's too much cat hair for the roller to be much use. He looked so disappointed. So I offered to wash and dry them to remove most of the hair before doing the lint roller again.

This morning I ironed the dress pants and added a black button down shirt with a silver tie and a belt and extra hair ties (he has very long hair).

He hugged me and only commented, "Subtle, Mom" as he walked out with the whole ensemble. I have no idea if he'll actually wear it, but, you know, I had to try as a mom!
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Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 01:35 pm
AS Engineer suggested, it's all about who you are in the (your position) in the corporate office. For admin staff, it's still business casual (myself being one).
Women are allowed to wear pants but not jeans. Business casual and higher level of clothing quality.

Associates and partners still wear one level above business casual. Dress shirt, tie, and dress pants. No one is wearing suit jackets ... at least in the office itself. Cannot say what they are wearing if they go to court or equivalent meeting.
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Region Philbis
Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 04:37 pm
before Covid, office attire was "business casual", so no jeans.
i can only speak of my experiences in the engineering world (design group), having worked there since the mid-80's.

i started in NYC, and recall wearing polo shirts with khakis right away.

at a different job in the late 80's - early 90's, i wore a shirt + tie, sometimes with "nice" jeans, occasionally with a suit coat.

by the mid 90's i was working in bahstin, and we wore shirt + tie with khakis, no suit coat.

sometime in the late 90's, "casual fridays" started... i think it was summers only... hawaiian shirts or polos, jeans + sneakers.

i think by the year 2000 i had stopped wearing a tie for good.

in '01 i changed jobs, and started wearing jeans when i felt like it... sneakers were fridays only (personal rule), but others
wore sneakers throughout the week...
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