Gun Violence by Ethnicity of Perpetrator

Sun 12 Jun, 2022 12:17 pm
Who is doing the shooting? Whites? Blacks? Hispanic? Other?
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Sun 12 Jun, 2022 12:33 pm
Everybody, gollum, everybody.
Sun 12 Jun, 2022 01:12 pm
My though exactly.
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Sun 12 Jun, 2022 02:00 pm
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Sun 12 Jun, 2022 04:38 pm
First off gollum saying "Whites Blacks Hispanic Other" is discriminative.
You do not mention Asian, Native American, or even hold concern for religious or nationalist properties. Second off the reality it does not matter because it is a mental problem, a method of thinking problem.

1. You have shooters who have problems with ____ music and jokes against their race performance in the bedroom.

2. You have shooters who do not like to be stereotyped for their race, culture, creed,

3. You have shooters who do not like the idea of their cultures being wiped away and beyond Westernized, Americanized, or whatever to a point where their traditional music, values, and ability to live happy is not real.

4. You have shooters who are in gangs

5. You have shooters who was in the military.

6. You have shooters who was just decided to do it for fun.

7. Sometimes it is over a spouse, or a stranger.

8. You got shooters from discrimination in the job, education, and various markets.


I bet if everyone on this forum right now was to close their eyes and ask themselves "Who deserves to die" or some stupid question.
Everybody has a target but we are all better then that.


Gollum you mention that you was Jewish, correct? I will be honest from real world experience Jews have given me the most problems. In my opinion if I was another person............. Beyond that has brung out the worst in me.

It makes me realize and wonder why my family members are willing to throw away millions to strangers who would love to see me aborted, incarcerated, without income, or without anybody to sleep with.

That is the ultimate truth. I clearly see people who are willing to promote segregation, and create difficulties among race groups only to benefit themselves. Not expecting anybody else to actually raise themselves out of poverty or be able to live able functioning lives that are worth living.

The original problem is? The central banking party which initially consist of those same people dubbed as Jews since the war of French and British debt. You ask yourself why did the civil-war occur. They say those nasty pugly poor white people like the homeless ones you see outside. The answer it is because those slave owners was not given any money for their purchase and because they had no workers to tilt the land. Thus creating a huge wage gap in the south. This is why we have trailer park towns where nobody owns the property.


Goods and Services
Owning property
Going to a job where you are worth while and not shunned like garbage.

Jews come to mind. Maybe we should all say look the Greeks ( I mean people who are Greek ) then again why not Italian, Russian, Irish and hey why not Arabics as well.

Again it is all discrimination...........

However I agree
Rap Music ( which clearly has a lot of Jewish investors and owners next to SONY pictures which is Japanese ).

The whole idea of a stupid war between the Romans and the former slaves known as the Jews. Which by all is stupid because apparently the US has become this place where everybody forgets or does not care at all.

I disagree with your post and your posting this garbage to bring out the worst in us.
Sun 12 Jun, 2022 05:17 pm

Thank you. You make some good points. Though some of your points I don't understand.
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