Origin of the universe

Tue 15 Feb, 2022 07:41 am
The first universe with life was undoubtedly a non-spacelike khaos but intelligent creatures would soon create a new better universe for themselves. A new universe with (possibly eight dimensional) euclidean space that doubles in volume every generation so that there is always room for more people. ("Space" being a grid-like network of computers.)

Matter would consist of programmable parallel-processing self-reproducing cell-like particles (very much like neutrinos) so there would always be more matter and more worlds to inhabit. Each particle would use the grid of "space" computers within its volume to perform its calculations.

Because space would be expanding so quickly there would be a limit to how large a single world could grow. Once it reached that size its surface would be torn away (becoming a firmament with one less dimension and containing its own planets). People would therefore live in the interior of the planet rather than on its surface.

The entire planet would eventually be reprogrammed to become a giant computer that could run simulations of lower dimensional (non-expanding) universes.
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Tue 15 Feb, 2022 08:32 am
"Universes" might have an "origin" within our own intuitive misconception of time but Reality has no origin, it just is.

Relations of cause and effect which entail actual computing are a correlation in the ORDER of 4D Spacetime and thus an illusion formed in the very ordering of events which we perceive as computing or problem solving.

There is no Chaos just complexity in this Order.

There is no Randomness either just in build epistemic incompleteness to our nature as a sub set of a greater Set/Domain.

Phenomenology has an Ontological status so illusions are as Real as anything else which is at the bottom of this chain of correlations that set apart domains of "activity". The process is fractal to.

"God" is just the Order, standing as a rock, The Rock, there, forever...
...a forever which is exactly as a single nanosecond which never gets lost...a code line of information which doesn't vanish...

The number of dimensions is irrelevant to the number of fractal Qualia expressed in the multiple domains of the "Rock".

Well... I am fed up explaining Metaphysics, ya all have a nice day, I am off to playing MSFS 2020...I will pick my Cessna SkyMaster II for a ride in the Caribbeans!
The Anointed
Tue 15 Feb, 2022 06:46 pm
"Universes" might have an "origin" within our own intuitive misconception of time but Reality has no origin, it just is.

"Universes" PLURAL. You are correct, has no origin, has always been and always will be?

You say that it just is, but is it, as it always was, are there as many universes out there in Space Time as there has always been?
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Tue 22 Feb, 2022 03:07 pm

T=4 is the present. Space (only one dimension is shown) doubles in size each time it moves up the world tree. Each step takes about a year. Each box is a cube 1 planck length in size and contains 1 processor for calculating the field and state at that point.

The purple point will grow to the size of the green line at T=7. The processors at T=7 already exist and are entangled with the green processors at T=4 and are running in parallel under the purple processor. (In reality the green line would be 10 km across and at T=1000.)
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