Should I just forget about her?

Reply Wed 12 Jan, 2022 05:02 pm
Hello everyone, I am 19 yrs old student and this is something that started bothering me lately. I will write a story that someone will maybe find stupid and tell me that I am stupid XD.
Little bit about me: as I said, 19yo software engineering student from small city, introvert,not really handsome but I wouldn't consider myself bad looking too.
The story begins 1 year ago. I still lived in my homecity, going to high school. One day I started talking to one girl on snapchat (don't judge me). She is from another bigger city. We started talking everyday, facetiming eachother (she was the girl I from my dreams hah) from time to time and one day she mentioned that it would be nice if we met each other soon. Now, this is the situation: I never had a girlfriend, heck, to me as an introvert this was something "brand new", I got attached. I was in clouds, even now when I remember it, I know the feeling(idk if it can be called love/crush or not since it was an online thing). So, I got an opportunity to come to her....but 1 month after she said this. She loved it...I guess. We continued the talk but it started to fade away during the month.
Few days before trip to her city, she said that she may not be able to meet me. I wasn't really happy tho. Still I came and guess what, we didn't see each other. After this I was really devastated and angry. Some time goes by and she contacts me like nothing happened. I guess she was trying to see how I was feeling? I brushed her off bc I was still angry at everything. From this point I was kinda in a bad mood all the time, questioning myself what I did wrong, I can say I hated myself. Some time goes by and I worked on myself, trying to get my thoughts away. I went to the gym and lost some weight, enough weight to see the difference.

Skip to last week. I am ending the 1st semester, in a another city. Unfortunately I didn't met many new people cause the class is online :/
One day I was going to class in train and guess what, I bump into her. I am sure as hell it was her,no mask, no anything. Since I remember in which part of city she lives, I was even more sure! She got in train at "right" station(I wrote right bc I don't know how to say what I want to say in English). I didn't say anything(train was almost empty). The whole ride, she looked at me nervously.
From this on I have a problem in my head. Some of you can say I am an morron or worse but that's how it is. I again can't stop thinking about what happened 1 year ago.

I don't know if it's the fact that I don't know how I f****d up with her or something else???
Thank you everyone for reading this, means a lot!

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Reply Wed 12 Jan, 2022 05:49 pm
Just because you think you ran into her, doesn't mean you really saw her. The original poster may have sent an artificial photo/someone else. Just leave it alone, you corresponded with a complete stranger, you really don't know anything about them, everything they said might just be a lie. I don't know why people get online and pretend to be interested in a relationship but they cause a lot of unhappiness to the people who assume they are honest.

Just figure it's a mini-life lesson, and don't write to the person again. We all get fooled from time to time, in the future don't let a stranger make you dislike yourself.

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Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 10:30 am
Sorry to say this, but you need to get a life. Get out more. Hang out with friends. Snapchat and whatnot are not great places to meet people. Some people have agendas and screw with others. Meeting someone in person is the best way to get to know them. Get off your computer and get out there. And you're only 19... you have lots of time in front of you. Don't rush it.
Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 03:13 pm
I mean, I do go out. Hang out with friends as much as I can. Currently university is my priority since it means a lot to me. I dont go out partying to clubs every friday or saturday, but I take every opportunity to go out and do something fun, going to city or doing some other activity. Maybe life is passing in front of me but I am not really sure if it this way.
Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2022 03:00 pm
LOL! Dear....you are 19. Concentrate on having fun. I know it seems hard not having anyone (yet) at that age, but you will. I didn't have my first until I was 20 plus a few months. Looking BACK, I am glad I was young and free at that age; hanging out with friends, experiencing things, trips, etc. The relationships and all the drama that goes with them will come soon enough, and you may very well find out you miss the "free" days. Concentrate on YOU.
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