good the bog - clean the toilet?

Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 08:24 am
izzythepush wrote: It's Longjon.

These sad nonces hate being ignored, it won't be long until the administrators good the bog a damn good flush and get rid of the ****.

Source: Monitoring Biden and other Contemporary Events

Does "good the bog" mean "clean the toilet"? The word "good" appears to be used as a verb here and I failed to find its definition as a verb in dictionaries. It might be an informal usage in the UK. I am not sure.
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Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 08:44 am
It's the bloody spellcheck on this device.

I meant to write give the bog a good flush.

Give referring to the action of flushing, like give someone a slap, give them a drubbing, give the sink a good clean.
Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 09:10 am
Be assured that your concerns are echoed by the wanton use of the vernacular by one who's use of the split infinitive deviates from linguistic prescription.

So to boldly go where he has gone before, I suggest you change the word 'good' to give, and yes, in this sense 'bog' refers not to decaying vegetation of peat, but indeed to a toilet.

Although not to a biodegradable type, only those with a mechanical means to evacuate it's contents.
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Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 09:28 am
Bog meaning toilet is brit slang not american. Tto us, bog means swamp. Took me a bit to figure out it wasn't a restating of trump's drain the swamp (by which he meant fill it with his own bullschit)
Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 09:35 am
Oristar is from China, if he is from Hong Kong he's probably more familiar with Standard English than American English.

You're all assuming he didn't know what bog meant, he did, the problem he had was with the word good which was a typo, so it was wrong anyway.
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Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 11:56 am
Yeah the spell check on fire tablets is fierce and stupid. It corrected ""spell" to "s loop ell", needs a little work fire people. And it did it on it's own without asking me about it.
Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 12:20 pm
I've got a new device and it's awful.
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