Is she lesbian/bisexual? And attracted to me ??

Tue 22 Jun, 2021 08:50 am
Hi all!

Im practicing dance and I have a lot of interrogations about my teacher (30yrs old girl like me)…
During the year and from the beginning I felt she was kind of cold with me and rejecting me…each time I tried to sympathize she was closing the door.
Then we started Zoom sessions for months because of Covid situation.

We went back to studio lately.
And the first time we danced I noticed she was staying a lot in my close perimeter instead of being in front line in the center. She was always coming back next to me.
The shocking fact happened at the end of the class: we were stretching spread on the floor and legs on the wall. She came to position better my ankles and then her hand caressed sensually my calf…. I almost startled.
It was disturbing and surprising but Nice…

From that I noticed eye contact, sometimes she stares at me and when I look to her side she turns her head.
The class after she said « X, you are too gracious ! In this dance (Dancehall) there is no place for preliminaries….we go straight! » 😳😅 … a sign from her fantasy..? we were with younger girls around lol…
She also made a nice comment about my muscled arms, sayin it was probably Pole dance(she Knows im practicing it)…and fantasizing about long legs on heels…I realized after that I sent her a video of me dancing Pole dance a couple of months ago 😅 because she was also interested to practice.
I remembered also that on a Zoom class she told me « wont u be too hot with your jeans ? » and I came back in a mini shorty.lol I realized maybe she wanted to see my legs this day …?
The class after again, she said this time (for all the class) for a movement « you suck your pelvis to the interior…the pelvis huh,not the mouth ». She said it twice.

And the class after was quite normal but she brought her little 2 yrs old daughter (important : she is a young mum separated) and At the end of the class she said to someone (I was not far behind she knew it): « yeaaah she has curly hair like X(me) ! Curly hair is Life… ». So I guess its a compliment.

So its like I have a lot of signs. Especially from the day she caressed my leg lately …
Do you think she s lesbian or at least bisexual ??
That could explain why she was So cold and not Nice with me at the beginning of the year….she wouldnt admit her attraction and rejected me ??

Because now her behavior is totally opposite. I Didnt expect this desire to get closer to me….

Im kind of interested (Im heterosexual in fact but also interested in women and I like her).

I also heard from another girl from the class that she was looking after me one weekend we had an outdoor training. This day I arrived late to another session.

She is feminine (long hair, attitudes..) but has a strong masculine energy (way of expressing, movements, frontal..).
She also has a bit boyish urban style (jogging,leggings, baskets..) and she had even more before (hip hop style). No makeup etc.
I guess she doesnt have any experience with girls yet, as she had a baby with a guy 3 years ago. But she is a solo mum now. She might be disturbed by her attraction to a woman.
What do you think please ?? Smile

Ps: sorry Im French so my english might not be perfect
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Thu 5 Aug, 2021 09:43 am
Tell her how you feel and see how it goes.
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