Is this sexist?

Reply Mon 14 Jun, 2021 11:10 pm
Hi there

I am trying to re evaluate my words, any help would be appreciated.

So, I'll paste a conversation from a group here. G1 means girl 1 and B1 means boy 1 and so on.

G1: Edit [Moderator]: Link removed
[ That link has a post which says, Did you know? Followers of Environmental Instagram accounts - 72.5% females and 27.5% males. Where are all the men? ]

G1: was actually surprised

B1: Not so much! One of my highschool senior runs a Vegan+coding page on Instagram and he gets a lot of hate from the people who eat non-veg. And I believe most of the people are males.

B1: People on the Instagram don't care about environment. All they care is followers and how good they look in their posts.

B1: sad but true

G2: ya you're right

B2: where are males?

G2: 🤷‍♀️

B2: 😔😔😔

Me: Wow! That survey said 72.5% women

I guess we forgot to acknowledge that women are higher / more interested in environmental issues which is a great thing!

Often we think about what we are lacking in as a society / person which is not a bad thing, maybe even a great way to improve things but alongside we sometimes forget to celebrate the small wins.

So shoutout to all the women out there 🥳🎊🙌♻️

That's the end of the conversation, now when I read my message again, I feel like there were no wins, I feel like I assumed women are not high in mumbers in many areas and said having more women interested in environmental issues is great but the survey didn't say more or less, it was only a comparison between men and women. And there is no win.

Just trying to get past my thoughts. What do you all think?
Reply Tue 15 Jun, 2021 04:43 am
This looks like more of a math problem than anything else.

If there are 1000 people surveyed and 725 of them like something, then of course that's a majority. The majority of the 1000 followers are, in this case, female, if we are only looking at followers of this issue.

If Instagram has a total of, say, 10,000 members and 725 of them are female, then all of them are following this particular issue. But if there are 7,250 female people on Instagram, then, while they are dominating the follower count for this particular issue, it's not a majority of them on the platform.

What I am saying is, the skewed gender ratio isn't exactly indicative of nobody male being interested. It could be that lots of male people are interested, but males overall are a small percentage of the overall user base.

And if that's right, then the conclusion that you can draw isn't a lack of male interest in the issue. It would, instead, be a lack of male interest in Instagram

You also need to understand that one issue is not an adequate sample size. And popularity on any social platform is driven by more than interest. It's also algorithm and optimized search driven. 99% of Instagram could be interested in any given topic, but if it can't be found, then no one will follow it.

Other demographics could also be skewing things. Are males on Instagram, as a whole, older than females? Better educated? Whiter? More likely to be Catholic? Lithuanian?

Finally, not everyone embraces every single cause out there. And messaging doesn't reach everyone the same way. There's not necessarily anything indicating a lack of male interest.
Reply Wed 16 Jun, 2021 11:01 am
Wow! Thank you so much! Makes sense! Now, I know why I failed Statistics and Probability at university 😂 yeah, yeah this is not too hard of a problem, just basic maths. But I guess was too focused on the people in that group that I didn't bother to look at the post shared but rather focused on how I can type something to impress everyone and therefore lost track of the actual situation at hand.
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