How do I stop my excessive sweating problems (21 y/o)

Reply Sun 4 Apr, 2021 05:15 pm
Hello, I'm 21 years old, and a relatively fit person. I have been struggling with excessive sweating since I was maybe about 14 years old. My sweating problem is quite strange and only occours on certain occati0ns, such as sch0ol days, social meetings or even just surrounded by numerous people e.g. malls/public places etc. and especially if I am perfoming or having attention drawn my way I automatically start sweating.
I also only sweat under my armpits. I feel like it might be anxiety or stress related. I feel the more I think about sweating the more I start to sweat. I also think I am afraid of letting others know about my sweating i.e. smelling sweaty and leaving a sweat stain on my shirt.
This been said, I feel like there are some people I am more comfortable with and that I can hangout with, without sweating (such as my closest friends or family), but as soon as I hangout with more than 3 friends simultaneously I will start sweating again.
Previously when I used to go to school, I would tuck paper towels under my armpits in recess to prevent others from seeing my sweat. Also I would almost never wear a t-shirt to prevent others from noticing. I still occasionally do at some parties, untill I eventually get drunk enough to ignore it.
2 years ago I started working full-time, and my sweating problem almost stopped thus I ignored the problem as it wasn't occouring at a regular day-to-day basis. Instead it has become an excuse for me to avoid social gatherings with family and friends and has perhaps turned into an even bigger problem than before and I really feel like it is affecting my life quality and hinders me to go do what I want.
It has though, come to a point where I have tryed almost all but still cannot figure out a durable solution to my forever lasting problem. I have tryed shifting antiperspirant deodorants, tryed changing my food income, tryed exercising more regularly. I even purchased a therapy book written by an
American doctor which specialized in therapy for patients having problems with anxiety related sweating. This did not work. I wonder if there's anyone out there with a possible solution, or someone who can relate to this.
I am very happy to answer more questions if needed, and I am very thankful for any advice or answer I get! I really need it. Thank you for using your time to read all this.
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Reply Sun 4 Apr, 2021 05:50 pm
A therapy book doesn't take the place of actual therapy. Find out what kind of coverage you get from your awesome job and see if you can get therapy via telehealth.

Also get a full physical workup -- some of this may be physical. But you won't know unless an actual doctor does some investigating.
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